Simplicity and Accessibility: How Google, Apple, and Microsoft dominate in the classroom

Education and technology are in a close relationship on the global market. Big tech brands are combating to win the biggest impact on the growing generation. They expect kids to get used to certain devices and brands in school and follow and promote them in the future.

Firstly, students use the devices to prepare school projects, order coursework online, practice their first IT knowledge, then they will gain the job and supply their families with the similar technologies. This way, tech companies don’t only care and improve the quality and accessibility of education but build up strong marketing campaigns in the long run.

Simplicity and Accessibility: How Google, Apple, and Microsoft dominate in the classroom

The Secret of Google’s Success

In recent years Google has rapidly increased its presence in the US classroom. This can be seen through the latest research, which shows that Google has occupied 60% of the educational market. Here are some points that have led the company to success:

  • Chromebooks are more accessible and simple in use laptops;
  • The G-Suite is a multifunctional pack of tools to assist both teachers and students in the process of education;
  • Google apps can be linked on a different device to store and transfer data and share info during and out of the class;
  • Google tools and apps are mostly free, especially for students, intuitive and simple in exploitation.

Besides, Google is constantly working on promoting new programs and plug-ins to add to the high-quality customer experience and target a wider audience. Its software is a top-rated and easily accessible solution for steady classroom performance and self-guided education with no limits.

Apple’s Qualitative Solution

As you may know, Apple is not the company to put up with being behind. So, when Google boosted its presence in the US classrooms, Apple took measures to become even more practical and affordable for teachers and students. Here what it resulted in:

  • iPads are more accessible with decreased prices for students (a 10% discount on average);
  • Apple pen is comfortable to make notes, graphics, and draw schemes, but is not limited to it;
  • Constantly upgrading accessories and applications add to the comfort, integrity, and multifunctionality of the device and enhanced performance of the owner;
  • A high-definition camera and attached keyboard add to the classroom and out-of-the-class possibilities of students and teachers.

With the top-quality services and products offered by Apple, you will learn and teach without any limits and worries. Moreover, Apple has always bargain proposals for educational platforms and institutes.

Microsoft’s Smart Decision

Although Microsoft is far behind Google’s success, it has no less market capacity than Apple. Even more, it has vast popularity beyond the US borders. Microsoft has staked on locations lacking access to the Internet and won there. It turned out with the following benefits:

  • The Surface gadget looks like a tablet, operates with a pencil, competitive apps, and accessories;
  • Apps are created for enhanced interaction between students and managerial tools for the teacher;
  • The student-oriented development environment teaches children how to code games and allows them to practice basic programming skills;
  • There are many tools and programs for interactive courses learning.

This way Microsoft manages both to supply niche products and satisfy an average customer at the same time. Such an approach makes Microsoft a leader in the non-US educational market and supplies distant educational institutes with perfect and accessible technological solutions.

Marketing Campaigns and Enhanced Possibilities

These are only current results and technological evolving for the current times. The companies develop brand-new solutions and promote fresh products to assist both teachers and students. They try to involve more customers and satisfy their needs and preferences.

The marketing races of big brands bring only benefits for educators and children worldwide. They do not care about companies’ marketing, profits, or combats for capacity. They are happy to advance from new educational platforms, teaching and learning tools, enhanced practice and skill-developing courses, and more to add to the comfort and accessibility of education these days and become a great foundation for future specialists.

So, do not concentrate on brands or trends, but aim for top convenient and handy solutions for your classroom and homework activities as well as future perspectives.

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