Is T Shirt printing business idea worth of profit opportunities plan in India?

T Shirt printing business: The First idea which comes to my mind is On-line Apparel business mainly of T-shirts ,Tank tops ,Boxers and Pyjamas (e-Commerce). So first lets focus on t-shirt once you got established you can start with other category, also.

T shirt Printing Business Idea

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How the t shirt printing business works?

The official T-shirt suppliers of many successful online selling websites and the sellers on various marketplaces like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon etc. Recently, 4 sellers who were selling at Hyderabad Comicon 2015 sourced t-shirts & hoodies from many places.

Here, I’ll make you understand the business economics with the rates we provide to them.

Suppose, you decide 10 designs to get it printed for 50 pcs. each.

For 180 gsm, 100% cotton T-shirts, max. 2-color printing we charge Rs. 170/- each.

Surprised? You might have purchased the very same tees at Rs. 450/- or 499/-

Now total t-shirts for 9 designs= 10×50=500

Total cost=Rs.170 x 500 = Rs. 85,000

2 methods of selling printed T-shirts:

1. Now you can start your own website through or Zepo Website by paying a monthly fee of Rs. 2000/-. Some of the startups whom I mentored were able to negotiate for Rs. 1400/- per month. The best part is that they have integrated shipping solutions as well which means you don’t have to look out for any shipping partner.

2. Selling through online marketplaces like Flipkart,Amazon, Snapdeal,Paytm etc.

With my experience at several Online t-shirt startups, I’ll suggest go for both methods simultaneously to get maximum order.

Now, considering Packaging cost, Shipping cost, COD handling charges in some orders and commissions of Marketplaces we find that Rs. 100-150 is the max. Additional cost per order. And if you get a single order of more than 1 t-shirt, it will be celebration time for you as you’ll be able to send 2-3 t-shirts at the cost of one! 😀

T shirt printing business profits:

1) Now let’s take the max. additional cost for an order of a single t-shirt as Rs.150. [Remember, we are taking the worst case scenario]

Total cost of one t-shirt including shipping = 170 (sourcing cost) + 150(Shipping,packaging,CO

D etc.) = Rs. 320/-

All the players sell them at 450/- or 499/- .

Net profit = 130/- (Selling at Rs. 450) and Rs. 180(selling at 499)

Hurray, huge profit from the first sale itself. (Remember, we have invested only Rs. 170 on the t-shirts as our cost).

2) Suppose you get a prepaid order and not COD. There will be a minimum reduction of Rs. 50 in cost.

Now, the net profit turns out to be Rs. 180 (at Rs.450/-) and Rs. 230/- (at 499)

3) Suppose you get a single order of 2 Custom tshirt. Additional cost will only be Rs. 75 each which means a net profit of Rs. 205( at Rs. 450)& 255 (at Rs. 499) respectively.

If you are lucky enough and get a prepaid order then cost will be reduced by Rs. 50/- which means Rs. 25 extra profit on each t-shirt which makes net profit to Rs. 230/- & Rs.280/- respectively.

4) The below method can only be applied when you reach at some good level and are able to invest for 2000 T-shirts. One should attend Commissions only after running Online business & initial brand building. Your customers will search for your stall & flock as they know your brand already through online purchase.

Selling at events like Comicons which are organized at many cities. Our experience with the sellers who put up their stalls is that they are able to sell 2000 pcs. of T-shirts in the 3-day event prices at 299, 399, 499,599,699/- or 799/-. Remember, we are saving Rs. 150/- of the courier & COD charges!

They usually earn net profit anywhere between Rs.5.5-7.5 lakhs in 3-day event after paying the stall charges.

These events occur at 4 times a year at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad & Bengaluru which means Rs. 20-25 laks net profit.

Remember, initially you ordered 500 t-shirts in total. Suppose, initially, you get 10 orders through your own website and 20 through various marketplaces per day. It will take 15 days to clear the stock and earn Rs. 74,500/- as net profit on Rs. 87000 (85K for t-shirts & 2K on website) which is ready to be reinvested.

Rs. 1,49,000/- profit per month in the worst case scenario.

Any sincere person will be able to grow the business upto 150-160 orders per day in 3-4 months which means Rs.8 Lakh profit per month.

Note: Initially, there can be miscellaneous cost upto Rs.5000/- max.

Pros of t shirt printing business:

Double returns, Quick Money, Easiest to operate Works well under Rs. one lakh investment Requires no specific skills as such Very little risk as the entire lot can be sold to normal retail price at no profit no loss condition, lime light of an entrepreneur.

Cons of t shirt printing business:

n number of Players in this segment. Require quality stuff ( printing & fabric), so that it doesn’t get returned.

Now, the good thing is that every Online Apparel company is running successfully and making good profit. Targeting “High end customers” is the key of business.

Know more about Business Ideas:

My Suggestions for t shirt printing business opportunities

In a website, 9 designs will work in the product-listing page of each row consisting of 3 products(thus, 3 rows & 3 columns). But, we suggest for 4 rows with 3 columns which means 12 designs in total. Your customers should feel like your website is not empty and all the rows of the product listing page on the desktop should have products.