51+ Best examples of colorful contemporary Brazilian architecture style

Contemporary Brazilian Architecture Style: We all know that every region and culture have their specialties in their design, architecture, food, clothing styles, etc. Every color represents their cultural and social identity. Around the globe, there are different types of architectural styles in practice and today we are seeing some interesting examples of Brazilian architecture with colorful identities.

So, what comes to mind when you think of contemporary Brazilian architecture?

  • The strong forms of Oscar Niemeyer?
  • Neutral-toned works of brutalism?
  • Cobogos?

In spite of the fact that colors are present in Brazil’s colonial architecture, the aforementioned qualities tend to dominate the perception of the architecture of South America’s largest country.

Contemporary Brazilian Architecture Style

However, current architectural development in Brazil is bringing more and more colorful elements that shy away from the gray and beige purity. We’ve selected interesting projects that use color to highlight architectural elements and generate dynamic perceptions of space.

Let’s check most popular and shouting designs around the Brazil,

Modern Colorful Brazilian Architecture style

  1. Novo Site Unilever – Aguaí by GCP Arquitetos

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The architectural party adopted in the new Unilever Aguaí Site project, meets three important needs, typical of contemporary industrial compounds: flexibility, rationalization, and sustainability becoming a twenty-first-century industrial site model for Unilever.

  1. Casa-atelie da Vila Charlote by grupoDEArquitetura

The Atelier House at Charlote Village, affectionately called by the working group as “warehouse”. The building is settled in an unusual site at Presidente Prudente city, whose dimensions are 7.00 x 21.00m, what has been taking place in the surrounding neighborhoods to the downtown area as a quick response to the high price of the land.

  1. Nova Unidade Senac Sao Miguel Paulista by Levisky Arquitetos and Estrategia Urbana

  1. Casa do Carnaval by A&P Arquitetura e Urbanismo

  1. Colegio Positivo Internacional by Manoel Coelho Arquitetura e Design

  1. Parque da Gare by IDOM

  1. Estacoes da Linha 2 – CCR Metrô Bahia by JBMC Arquitetura e Urbanismo

  1. Residencia OZ by Andrade Morettin Arquitetos Associados

The house is built with exposed concrete and a modular wooden structure. The roof and facade cladding is made of metal tiles and a polystyrene filling for thermal protection.

  1. Escola em Alto de Pinheiros by Base Urbana + Pessoa Arquitetos

  1. Residencia em Goncalves by Andre Vainer Arquitetos

  1. Casa 239 by UNA Arquitetos

  1. Carbono by SuperLimao Studio

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  1. Casa Txai by Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan + Carolina Castroviejo + Gabriel Kogan

  1. Casa Claudios by Arquitetura Nacional

  1. Centro de Visitantes do Parque do Rola Moca by TETRO Arquitetura

The Rola-Moca State Park is one of the most important green areas of the State of Minas Gerais. Located in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte. It houses some of the sources that supply the capital. As well as the natural habitat of species of endangered fauna such as the brown jaguar. The ocelot, the maned wolf, the wildcat, the macuco and the stag.