Contemporary bathroom accessories by Agape design

Contemporary Bathroom Accessories By Agape Design presents its latest products. The agape range of products is a major project that changes, updates and is constantly being embellished with new offers. Versatility, customization and timeless traits characterize the experimentation and numerous new contemporary bathroom accessories products presented at the 2015 Fashion Show, exploring new directions that will be guiding our catalog in the near future.

Trendy Contemporary Bathroom Accessories Ideas

Ell system design Benedini Associati with Andrés Jost and Diego Cisi

Ell system

Contemporary bathroom accessories Ell is a new washbasin – counter top featured by lightness and high configuration, made with marble or stone Solid Surface in various colors and types. Only 4 cm thick, tapering up to 1 cm on the edges, it is 50 cm high, available in custom length between 120 and 300 cm and can be lit on the edges toward the wall.

The reservoirs, 60 cm wide, are featured by a grid panel made of the same material of the counter top. They can also be positioned adjacent to each other and their number and position is limited only by the length of the stand.

The stand is supported by brackets and supports structures and cabinets of various types; it is compatible with all Flat XL and Lato systems.

Lato cabinets design Benedini Associati

Lato cabinets

This line of cabinets contemporary bathroom accessories is characterized by large dimensions and  various finishing of the doors made of different kinds of wood. Cabinets can be combined with all other lines including the new Ell.

Agape enriches with unexpected alternatives the tools for meeting the needs and, despite the consistency and aesthetic continuity, the new fields and trends of styles. Wood, marble, leather and glass are used in this sense for the doors of the containers.

In-Out bathtub design Benedini Associati

In-Out bathtub

Contemporary bathroom accessories In-Out, a new solution made of marble, fits in the range of bathtubs. The bathtub’s shape and dimensions suppose upright posture. Here an exclusive version in Nero Marquina, also available in other marbles and stones upon request.

Cuna bathtub design Patricia Urquiola

Cuna bathtub

The contemporary bathroom accessories project is the result of a thorough knowledge of materials and production processes. Cuna features thermoformed Solid Surface and tubular steel structure.

This small and compact bathtub proudly displays its structure emphasizing its delicately rounded shapes. Cuna – contemporary bathroom accessories is available in different combinations of external surfaces and structure finishing.

Lariana bathtub design Patricia Urquiola

Lariana bathtub

A contemporary bathroom accessories project based on clever use of materials and manufacturing processes that extends Agape’s range with a relatively small product designed with great versatility in mind.

The Lariana bathtub, an exquisite geographical reference to Lake Como, clearly displays the structural lightness of its twin shell made of white Cristalplant® to emphasise its modern, linear forms in a revamping of the distinctive structures and features of early 20th-century bathtubs.

Canal Grande bathtub design Paolo Lucidi, Luca Pevere

Canal Grande bathtub

Canal Grande is a bathtub of limited length which was born from the encounter of a contemporary bathroom accessories material – the Cristalplant® biobased – and an object of the past, the memory of fragrances and shapes: a wash house.

It was a place where women once gathered to wash clothes in the vicinity of a waterway, normally made in stone or concrete, and a washtub was often used  together with a wooden board.

Canal Grande contemporary bathroom accessories is particularly suitable for environments with reduced dimensions thanks to its regular shape and reduced length. The bathtub reinterprets some signs of memory: its broad surface that develops on the long side, is the major distinctive element.

A slight slope in the surface allows water drain, and its profoundness and convenience allows adding even more objects and accessories in the bathroom.

DR bathtub design Studio MK27, Marcio Kogan, Mariana Ruzante

DR bathtub

Contemporary bathroom accessories DR bathtub, the result of collaboration with Brazilian designer Marcio Kogan and Studio MK27, is now available with new clay finishes. The thin clay fining, applied by hand and of just a few millimeters, is characterized by high mechanical, abrasion and water resistance.

The bathtub is also available in raw version, in multilayer of okumé, to allow the most diverse finishes chosen by designer and customer.

lan-a shower design Mario Tessarollo e Giulio Gianturco

Plan-a shower

This original contemporary bathroom accessories project designed in 2006 derives from construction experience, where the shower environment is often beautifully handcrafted, from time to time integrated as much as possible into architecture.

The apparent simplicity is the strength of the contemporary bathroom accessories, a bar connects the crystals and sustains the rotating pins of the door. In this solution you don’t need strong marks, this essential and precise line is embellished with small details in stainless steel, designed to give a plain image, not a showed-off.

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