Contemporary River Facing House Architecture By Studio Dwell

Best Example of Contemporary River Facing House Architecture: A multi-level modern home. design by Studio Dwell, in Wayne, Illinois. In this river facing contemporary house design has family area on upper level. And bedrooms, or private areas below it planned.

Contemporary River Facing House Architecture create with exposed concrete base. And above that base, architect using anodized aluminum panels for modern look and feel. Some use of wood create visual contrast between exposed concrete and aluminum cladding.

Contemporary River Facing House Architecture in Exposed Concrete and Aluminium Cladding

Modern Elevation with straight cut line. Box elevation with cladding finishes.

contemporary river Facing house architecture,

Main Entrance ramp with wooden flooring, and side railing make out of exposed concrete.

House Facing River Feng Shui.


Use of glass with aluminum framing give likeness in building space.


Concrete Base to rest above box of house plan.

Apartments Facing River Home.


The ‘contemporary river facing house architecture’ is located on a quiet, nature filled plot, overlooking the fox river. a fairly compact structure, the dwelling features a simple, modern palette of sustainable and long lasting materials.

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