Modern House Design for View of Surrounding Nature and Waterfront

House design for views to the front: Somehow the subject of house design for views start with mainly two design theory. Either we have to follow functions and derive design for front view of house. Or we have to follow foam and decide functions in home design with view.

But, we are here see interesting example of house design for view of surrounding nature and house design panoramic view. To get maximum benefits of it in your modern house design. Here we see a example of modern house, which is located near by a creek edge with waterfront of lake.

House Design for View to Integrate Context in Design

house design for view,house design for view of surrounding natural beauty

House Design for Lake View:

This latest contemporary house situated on the edge of Solitude Creek, in St. Michaels, Maryland. This modern residence design for view. by architect Robert M. Gurney makes the most of its privileged location.

The modern house design project replaces an existing Dutch Colonial Style house, built in 1989. That had a cramped layout and was in danger of being flooded.

house design for view,double height living and familiy area design for a view

House Design for View Considerations:

  • The goals of the project were to take advantage of water views,
  • Provide light filled spaces,
  • Accommodating the owners with collection of modern art,
  • A combination of windows varying in size, shape and location animate the spaces,
  • Providing controlled views of the water, pine forest and adjacent marshes.

beautiful view of water front form the dining and kitchen arealack view from the bedroom in modern house

A series of small decks and ramps lead the way inside a modern resident.

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