Folds of A Ribbon: Inspiration for Modern Villa’s Sculptural Elevation

Dynamic and deconstructive architectural style create sculptural exterior of this villa house design by Indian architect. Architect is inspiring by folding ribbon foam for exterior elevation of modern house. Studio Ardete has shared photos of a home they have designed in Mohali, India, that has a distinctly different sculptural façade.

Villa House Sculptural Exterior Inspired By The Folds Of A Ribbon

Fact File of the Project

  • Design: Studio Ardete – Sanchit Dhiman (Architect), Nitin Sharma (Assistant Architect), Nisha Sarao (Interior Designer), Satish Sinhmar (Site Engineer), Abhimanue Sharma (Project Manager)
  • Client: Er.Ravijeet Singh
  • Civil Engineer and Facade: R.S Builders – Er.Ravijeet Singh
  • Landscape: Studio Ardete
  • MEP: Behera&Associates
  • HVAC: Mitsubishi Engineering
  • Photography by Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

Exterior of the Villa House

Expose Concrete creation of the exterior of the home draws inspiration from the folds of a ribbon as well as nature and its flowing form. Using of solid material for creating dynamic elevation fuse with overall composition of elevation scheme.

The free-flowing expose concrete exterior intrigues both users and onlookers from the outside as well as the interior, while the jutting concrete volumes provide shade for the openings and give shape and style to the overall facade.

Using concrete with white background will out standing their dynamism as well shouting elevation of modern villa.

Interior of Villa

Also, Let’s take a look around inside…

There’s a great room with high ceilings that’s home to the living room and dining area. Adjacent to the dining area is the kitchen and a bright red accent wall. Expose concrete elements is providing space defining element inside also.

On the other side of the dining area is home to a spiral staircase with an artistic wire detail, giving the illusion of a puzzle, connecting the vertical spaces, and unfurling itself as one ascends to the upper floors. Skylight over stair well give space lighter appeal as well openness to space.

Each of the bedrooms has its own design, with details like built-in desks, large artwork, and accent walls.

In a games room, there’s a large accent wall that provides a backdrop for the lounge area, while a pool table is centrally located in the space.

In the home gym, black and red are the chosen colors, and a large mural covers the wall.

In the media room, the upholstered walls are punctuated by wooden ribs and LED lighting.

The rooftop expands the entertaining spaces and includes a hot tub, tile flooring, and seating.

Here are the various drawings and diagrams for the home.


Isometric View


Floor Plans

Hope, this collection of modern Indian Villa architecture appeal your test of creativity. Also, you can share your project with us for public exposure.

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