Hillside Housing Development on the Faroe Islands By Hyde

Recently Design News come for Hillside housing development on the Faroe Islands By Hyde + Hyde Architects. This Hyde + Hyde Architects was the only UK architecture practice among the 23 multidisciplinary teams. Which were shortlisted from more than 140 submissions to the programmer. The design studio has been shortlisted in a high-profile competition. for a hillside housing development on the Faroe Islands. Also, Other leading entries were from Portugal, Gothenburg and Madrid. The project was one of six competition sites announced as part of the Nordic Built Cities Challenge (NBBC) in October.

Urban Hillside Housing Development by NBBC

hillside housing development,

Hyde + Hyde Architects says; Our proposal called appropriately ’hygge’ design – meaning cosiness in Danish- is a region.

  • Specific model of sustainability.
  • Based on the progressive and sustainable living concepts.
  • Adopted for future low carbon developments within the archipelago.

The aim is for the hillside housing development:

  • Push the limits of sustainable performance by incorporating passive strategies.
  • Latest technological solutions without compromising the poetic narrative.
  • Connecting the buildings to context, place, culture and time.

A key factor in the Hillside Housing Development:

  • Visual appearance of the homes is the implementation of a strategy.
  • Allow the mountain wind to circulate underneath each dwelling and to power the homes.
  • Additional air circulation provided reduces wind pressure on the facades.
  • Encourages the natural drying of fish and skerp ikjotot – a well-aged, wind-dried mutton.
  • Lower level under-croft provides many opportunities for living in harmony with nature.
  • The under-croft area also provides possible shelter for small domesticated animals such as hens.
  • All part of an integrated urban farming strategy to live simply and close to nature.

New affordable hillside housing development around Sege Park in Malmö, Sweden. climatically adaptive solutions for Copenhagen’s northwestern Nørrebro. and an upgrade of Iceland’s 15,000m² Karsnes Harbour also featured in the programed.

Note: This Design Competition News Received from Hyde + Hyde Architects by E-mail Submission. Submit Your DIY Project Here.

Other NBBC contests included a green transport hub at Trygve Lies square in Oslo. and a residential-led, 22-hectare regeneration in Espoo, Finland. NBCC is part of the Danish government’s Nordic Built Cities initiative.