WhatsApp update: BOLD Added in Whatsapp Messenger 2.12.539

Hello Folks,… Today Update BOLD Added in Whatsapp, If you’re on iOS and Android you will be noticed to bring something new to WhatsApp with frequent updates, each new update service.

They had recently started sharing PDFs via the service, and was planning to introduce phones with video.

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Under competitive pressure from other industry players, WhatsApp has now introduced a chat and some more features to enhance the way we communicate online.

your conversation using Bold

First, users get an option to ‘bold’ and the chat itself will change diagonally ‘letters. Both features chat box to publish dialog.

BOLD Added in Whatsapp


To bold chat, put the text between two asterisks, and it will be released the moment you send it. . For example, if you wish to bold ‘New KADVA’, just type *KADVA* and press enter.

As well as a slight change in the information panel. Is compared to the sender’s name, sender highlighted in bold text message and makes it easier to read. Must say this was the most important improvement as compared to a “bold” and “italics”.

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