Impact of Online Market on Land use Planning : Online Survey

Now a day’s India ready to Enter in Digital Age, Indian Govt. also promote this digitization agenda ahead on upcoming years. But, Did you ever think as an Architect – What is an impact of online market on land use planning?

We are known now a day: Internet marketing companies promote many products in online market. E-marketing for online marketplace is in demand everyday. But when your markets are going online, then what happens to mall and retail culture of India?

Impact of Online Market on Land use Planning


Here, Architect Parth Sadaria; Student of Master in Architecture, Department of architecture, at M.S.U, Vadodara, Gujrat. Carried out academic design research about “Studying impact of virtual market on land-use planning”.

What is Virtual Online Market?

We all know that Virtual or Online market means, E-commerce market in terms of shopping, ticketing, social media, etc.  Examples like flipkart, amazon, Redbus, makemytrip, irctc, state transport, facebook, e-banking, etc. We come in touch with this type of internet marketing company in our day to day life.

These online marketplaces are our coming future. And that have specific impact on our city planning, shopping areas. Ultimately it’s effect on our land use development and land use policy.

So, friends here is a short Questionnaire about research of “studying impact of Online market on land-use planning”.

I would like to invited you to fill out the form “Studying impact of virtual market on land-use planning”.

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I, thanks in advance to take part in, this most important upcoming treads in Indian city and town planning treads. You valuable replay will defiantly considerable inputs for me, and also for our future data archives of City planning.

Hope you will take few minutes out of your busy schedule and carried out short survey. That will help to decide the direction of Effects of Online Market Place on Urban City Planning.