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Modern kitchens and the example of sophisticated social cooking

Cooking is an art say grandmothers, and since every artist needs a workshop, maybe one of these modern kitchens will make you Salvador Dali or Picasso in the kitchen. We offer modern kitchens so beautiful that your dishes must smell of the work of an artist. Otherwise, you will have at least one social kitchen model with much-appreciated flexibility.

Modern and social kitchens are a place open to the rest of the house

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, sometimes the ideal place for the family to gather after a long day to have a wonderful time. Each kitchen model is different from the other, but the common point between them is their openness to the rest of the house.

Furniture in different colors invite spring into modern kitchens

Indeed, it is a social kitchen that combines between the place of preparation for eating and the luxurious décor where friends or family will be well received. 

The concept of the social kitchen is the reach of the intelligence of the designers at Diesel and the house of Scavolini. 

The feeling of monotony disappears with these models of modern kitchens. The integration of all the elements such as color, tables, trolleys, central or built-in work pedestal, cupboards, will transform the kitchen into a welcoming and spacious space.

Plants are not to be forgotten in this modern kitchen model

Kitchen islands are also an effective solution to meet specific needs in a home. Versatile furniture and well-chosen colors will freshen up the kitchen and will affirm its originality and conviviality.

The blackwork pedestal has found its place in this model

The symbiosis between glass, wood and metal offers a chic design View

Modern kitchens that exemplify the sleek, innovative aesthetic. Whether you want to something bright and whimsical or monochromatic and sophisticated, these modern kitchens will inspire you to think outside the farmhouse box.

The symbiosis between glass, wood and metal offers a sophisticated design

The details show the smart and efficient storage in this model

Details show smart and efficient storage in this handy model

This kitchen perfectly combines design and functionality thanks to its central island

This kitchen combines design and functionality thanks to its central island

A spacious and well-groomed social kitchen

A spacious and well-kept kitchen

The decor propels this example into the chic and sophisticated category

The décor propels this example to the chic category

This kitchen evokes refinement and comfort, made with a know-how

This kitchen evokes refinement and comfort made

kitchen evokes refinement and comfort made,

Whether you’re partial to an all-white design or live for a pop of color, there’s nothing like a sleek and modern kitchen. Take contemporary cues from nature or go for total modern luxury; keep your palette classically monochrome, or opt for bold color throughout. No matter which path you choose, a modern design scheme will always reign supreme.

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