Feeding the planet – Energy for life Latvia pavilion Milan expo

Feeding the planet – Energy for life at Latvia pavilion Milan expo is represents idea that sustainable development is reached through healthy ecosystem, where all material and immaterial values are in balance.

The open space of Latvia pavilion Milan expo- space Under Branches – is the place, where everyone can feel energy of singing Latvian ecosystem. In the space Under Branches visitors can enjoy the journey of light, sound and smell, and within that emotional experience one can get to know Latvia.

The Latvian government has announced that their country pavilion will resemble a giant oak tree. Visitors to the Universal Expo will be welcomed under the giant canopy of the oak in order to experience the Latvian countryside.

Feeding the planet – Energy for life at Latvia pavilion Milan expo

The Latvia pavilion Milan expo, designed by Sia MADE arhitekti, Rolands Pēterkops and Sia McCann Riga, is intended to resemble a local ecosystem that stimulates all the senses:

Where the physical structure and architecture stimulates the sense of sight, the sounds of birds and nature the sense of hearing, while a special ‘slowfood’ restaurant will delight taste with local delicacies and a another area where pleasant smells like freshly baked bread are released into the air to stimulate the sense of smell.

Latvia pavilion Milan expo,

With participation in the Milan event next year, through events and exhibitions to be held in the Latvia pavilion Milan expo, the Latvian government intends to increase awareness and build a positive country brand on issues like sustainability, innovation, culture, biodiversity as well as strengthen international ties.

The Latvia pavilion Milan expo itself is to create a positive impression of Latvia’s nature for visitors during the Milan Expo to be held from May 1 through to October 31 2015 where ‘Visitors of the exhibition will be showered with our people’s knowledge of nature, culture, food and manufacturing, tourism and business environment in Latvia today’ organizers say.

Latvia pavilion Milan expo,

Project fact file :

Expo pavilion of Latvia in Milan 2015, IT, international competition, 1st prize, 2013, ongoing

Concept and architecture — MADE arhitekti, MAREUNROL’S

Producers — Positivus Event

Artists — Sigvards Kļava, Rolands Pēterkops (MAREUNROL’S), Voldemārs Johansons, Roberts Rubīns, Anda Poikāne, Dainis Pundurs

Visual identity — Design agency ‘Brandbox’, branch of McCann WorldGroup Riga

Latvia pavilion Milan expo,

Know more about Temporary Architecture:

About the Latvia pavilion Milan expo design concept and development of functionality.

The space Under Branches is the main part of exhibition. Towards the main Expo street Decumanus, the base of Under Branches space is made of steps and slopes, freely accessible for everybody, including wheelchair users and visitors with strollers.