Mahaprasthanam: A Hindu Crematorium & Cemetery by DA studios in India

Mahaprasthanam: A Hindu Crematorium & Cemetery design by DA studios in India. With modern architectural expressions and functionality with ancient and present Hindu rituals, both culturally and contextually.

Antyeșṭi, the final stage of life is the funeral. Which is subdivided into five sequential parts: preparation, cremation, mourning, purification, and commemoration.  ‘Mahaprasthanam’ follows this order in a series of crematorium structures. That both mourn and celebrate the individual.

Modern Hindu Crematorium & Cemetery Building Example

Each Crematorium Structures symbolizes the significance of love and of loss. And reiterates the fact that death is a natural. Unavoidable consequence of the continuity of life.

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Main Elements Of Crematorium Structure

  • Mahaprasthanam crematorium.
  • Entrance pavilion.
  • Traditional pyre Space.
  • A stone screens and plants create private space within.

Design architecture studios, under commission from the phoenix foundation, modernized a neglected cemetery and crematorium in India. The 3.7 acres site was approached with the intent to build infrastructure to accommodate Hindu rituals both culturally and contextually.

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In the philosophy of Gita, life’s purpose is fulfilled in a 16 phase process called shodasha samskara. The final stage is moksha, in which the individual reaches a state of karmic perfection. And is released from the cycle of life.

Extracts from the Bhagawat Gita (hindu scripture) are cast onto walls throughout the entirety of the site. Two crematorium structure types can be found within, pavilions and pyres. The first of which are enclosed to comfort and console loved ones. The latter which open skywards to liberate the lost in a final farewell.

Images Of Modern Crematorium Architecture:

all images courtesy of DA studios 

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Mahaprasthanam’ was completed over a single month of construction. Each space brings individuals through the Hindu funeral process.

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