Namaste Tower Architecture and Detail Significance in Mumbai

Namaste Tower Architecture and Detail: Economic and Cultural significance of Mumbai, India is upcoming prestigious and innovative skyscraper in near future. Namaste Tower have its Owen traditional and contemporary values. Following the long tradition of great Indian Architecture. it was our aim that The Namaste Tower will stand as a landmark structure. Representative of the burgeoning economic and cultural significance of India. We aimed to design a building that would become representative of the city.

Architecture of Namaste Tower, Mumbai, India

namaste tower mumbai,

namaste tower mumbai,

Fact file of Namaste Tower:

Key Statistics:

• 120,000 m2 of Gross Construction Area.
• 380 key luxury hotel.
• Exclusive restaurants, bars, banqueting and spa facilities.
• 9,000 m2 of A grade office space.
• 6,000 m2 of world class retail space.
• 300 m overall building height.


namaste tower mumbai,

The traditional Indian greeting of ‘Namaste’, where the hands are clasp together in greeting. This is the inspiration for the design of this Namaste Tower. In Sanskrit Namaste means: It has a spiritual significance of negating one’s ego in the presence of another.

The Architecture of the Namaste Tower Hotel builds on this ancient Indian expression. The two wings of the hotel are clasp together like hands greeting the city of Mumbai. In this way the architectural design of the hotel provides the ultimate symbol of hospitality and welcome, as seen in the as seen in the cultural context of India.

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