Unique solar facade design for international school by C.F. Moller

The new C.F. Moller-designed Unique Solar Facade Design Of Copenhagen International School in the northern Docklands. Combines modern educational architecture, sustainability and an environment adapted to the students’ age groups. In addition, the unique solar facade design of the project has just been revealed by the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen. We are really excited to showcase the construction of the school. It’s a great experience to help create a whole new urban area here in the North Docklands, where the school will be a central focal point. The school in itself is such an attractive buildings that we hope it will be an inspiration for other educational institutions both in Denmark and abroad, said Chairman of the Property Fund of the Copenhagen International School, John Bo Jacobsen.

Unique Solar Facade Design For School

unique solar facade design,

School Design Project Fact File

  • Client : Copenhagen International School
  • Architect : C.F. Møller Architects
  • Landscape : C.F. Møller Landscape
  • Engineering : Niras
  • Address : Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Size : 25000 m², with room for 1200 students
  • Year : 2013-2016

The school is designed to link the school premises with the public sphere in the urban environment, and give the school an open ambiance. The promenade outside the school will become an urban port-side space providing opportunities for relaxation and various activities.

Unique Solar Facade Design School Planning

The main school building is subdivided into four smaller towers, each specially adapted to meet the needs of children at different stages of development. For example, the classrooms for the youngest pupils are particularly large.

A full range of functions will take place in and around the classroom, each of which has designated green spaces and areas with drama/performance facilities, PE, etc. The towers have from five to seven storeys.

The subdivision of the school into four units also creates identity and makes it easier for people to find their way.

All four school units are built on top of the ground-floor base, which contains common and more extrovert activities, including a foyer, sports facilities, a canteen, library and performance facilities. Classroom units will be locked outside normal school hours. The common areas will be open for school and local community events.

Revealing the Unique Solar Facade Design

At the presentation of the construction site, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen revealed the school building’s unique solar facade design. A mock-up section of the unique solar facade design demonstrates how the building will be covered in 12,000 solar panels, which will supply more than half of the school’s annual electricity consumption. Frank Jensen revealed the facade with the words:

“Copenhagen wants to be a world-class educational city. This also requires an international school, which is on par with other notable international schools around the world. The Copenhagen International School with unique solar facade design will undoubtedly help to attract highly educated foreign labour to Copenhagen, because we can now offer a strong international community with a clear sustainable profile centered on the new Copenhagen International School,” stated Lord Mayor Frank Jensen.

One of the Largest Unique Solar Facade Design

The solar cells will cover a total area of 6,048 square meters, making it one of the largest building-integrated solar power plants in Denmark, estimated to produce about 300 MWh per year.

In addition to contributing to the school’s green profile, the solar cells also form a permanent part of the school’s curriculum, allowing students to monitor energy production and use data in physics and mathematics classes.

“We are proud that the construction of the new school will enable us to show how innovative architecture can integrate in our teaching principles. The goal of the school is to enhance students’ skills in an international environment so that they become responsible citizens of the world with a focus on sustainability”, says Brit van Ooijen, Chairman of the Board of the Copenhagen International School.

The 25,000 m2 school building will be Copenhagen’s largest school, and accommodate 1,200 students and 280 employees. The school is expected to complete in January 2017. CIS Nordhavn is a new school building for Copenhagen International School, which will be located on a prominent site in Copenhagen’s new Nordhavn district.

Unique Solar Facade Design School Pictures

unique solar facade design,

unique solar facade design,

unique solar facade design,

unique solar facade design,

unique solar facade design,

unique solar facade design,

unique solar facade design,

unique solar facade design,

Unique Design Feature Of Copenhagen International School:

unique solar facade design,The base includes a common roof terrace which will function as a school playground for the whole school – and the youngest pupils in particular. The elevated school playground provides a secure environment, which prevents students from coming too close to the water or from straying off the school premises.

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