Vertical Green Tower Housing By Penda in Vijayawada, India. This is latest Indian contemporary trends of housing industries reflection by Architecture. Penda has released plans for their first Vertical Green Tower Housing project in India. Based on a modular building system, with modular facade system, the Pooja Crafted Homes will allow residents of Vijayawada, to design their own high-rise vertical green tower housing, by selecting prefabricated modules from a catalog, that will then be inserted into the Vertical Green Tower Housing ‘s frame.

Vertical Green Tower Housing in Vijayawada Garden Tower Project

The vertical green tower housing project is due to start construction in the second quarter of 2016.

a greywater supply system collects rainwater on the roof

the design seeks to challenge conventional building techniques and applications

Fact File Of Vertical Green Tower Housing.

  • Architects: penda.
  • Design Team: Chris Precht, Dayong Sun, Xue Bai, He Quan, Pengchong Li, Frank Li, Snow Sun.
  • Area: 36000.0 sqm.
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: penda.
  • Name: vijayawada garden estate.
  • Type: mix-use high-rise (retail, residential.)
  • Location: vijayawada / india.
  • Client: pooja crafted homes.

Design Brief of Vijayawada Garden Tower Project.

In an age of mass-production and a certain conformism in the building industry. we try to use modern construction techniques to bring back a level of individualism and flexibility.

Vertical Green Tower Housing air ventilation concept

Vertical Green Tower Housing placement concept

Vertical Green Tower Housing rack module system concept

Vertical Green Tower Housing facade concept

for the inhabitants of a vertical green tower housing highrise. A kind of individualism one would have in building his own house,” says penda.

In order to introduce a strong degree of flexibility, the vertical green tower housing is divided into separate elements: the structure, walls, facade, ceiling & floors, infrastructure, balconies and plants.

in order to introduce a degree of flexibility, the tower is divided into separate elements

vertical green tower housing, the framework can be filled with prefabricated modules, such as handrails and plant pots

Referencing a modular shelving system. the structural grid and its infrastructure are the only constant elements in the building. the framework can then be filled with prefabricated modules. such as handrails and plant pots, which the homeowner selects from a catalog.

Each home will be uniquely customized by its occupants in away that will also allow for future modifications.

air-purifying vegetation uses the grid on the façade as a giant trellis

the homeowner is able to select different components from a catalogue

the structural grid and its infrastructure are the only constant elements in the building

the high-rise is to be built using modular components

A grey water supply system collects rainwater on the roof, and reuses it for watering the plants on the balconies. This air-purifying vegetation will use the grid on the facade as a giant trellis, slowly immersing the building in foliage.

These ‘natural’ elevations also help regulate the scheme’s indoor climate, while open hallways support a constant airflow throughout the tower.

Vijayawada Garden Estate Pictures.


Vertical Green Tower Housing architecural model 1

Vertical Green Tower Housing architecural model

The Vertical Green Tower Housing building’s varying facades and open hallways will support constant airflow and natural ventilation for all residents. Thus the architects have referred to the project as a breathing tower.

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  • I don’t see any unconventional ‘vertical green’ structure, just isolated plants on balkonies of a highly pretentious third world’ish architectural eye-horror. Not impressing at all.

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