Washington DC Olympic 2024 Master Plan by Gensler

Are you a fond and fan of Olympic Games? and are you an architect or designer also, then you are at right place. Because here we see how Washington DC will host Olympic 2024. With the special master planning by Gensler Architects.

For Olympic 2024 village master planning, Gensler is come on board, with two major prospects. That we will see in detail ahead. But Olympic 2024 Master plan explores multiple solutions for big ticket facilities.

Olympic 2024 Master Plan and Urban Design.

Olympic 2024,

The Olympic 2024 Bid Master Plan undertakes two major challenges:

  1. To imagine a Washington of the future, shaped by an Olympic Games;
  2. To do so within the International Olympic Committee and U.S. Olympic Committee themes of compactness and fiscal responsibility.

The Master plan development in such a way that itself from past and present layout designs for Olympic venues. The most compact and walk-able distances in the area. Here Washington DC Olympic 2024, most of the competition venues locate withing DC.

The Olympic venue master planning work parallel to the City’s long-range development plans, and acts as a catalyst for propelling these plans forward into reality.

Washington DC Olympic 2024 Master Plan by Gensler 3

The DC Olympic 2024 Master Plan Visions:

Washington DC Olympic 2024 Master Plan by Gensler 2

  • A waterfront focused Games that showcases all of the District.
  • A Games that embraces both rivers, Potomac and Anacostia.
  • Brings together on an international stage the Federal City and the city of neighborhoods.
  • Explores multiple solutions for big-ticket facilities.
  • By leveraging temporary and existing venues.
  • The plan requires construction of at most two new permanent venues.
  • One of which is already accounted for in an existing capital budget.
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