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1. Chrissy Teigen trolls Donald Trump with first sonogram of her baby.


1. Kenneth Petty was convicted of attempted rape in 1995.

2. Nato now considers China a challenge to European security and values. This may lead it to pay attention to India–Pacific. So, how does that help India?

3. The Weather department said that very heavy to extremely heavy rainfall was expected at isolated places in Mumbai.

4. Historians may disagree but there is evidence so show ‘Bhagyanagar’ has a fair claim on Hyderabad’s history.

5. Mathematicians who have studied the most efficient way to pack spheres in eight-dimensional space and the spacing of prime numbers are among this year’s recipients of the highest award in mathematics, the Fields medal.

6. Realme GT 2 Master Explorer Edition tipped to be first LDDR5X RAM phone: More efficiency, better gaming.

7. Realme GT2 Explorer Master will be first in the world with LPDDR5X RAM.

8. Ethereum’s PoS upgrade has successfully completed a trial on Sepolia.



1. Incessant overnight rains led to a devastating cloudburst-like situation in the Parvati Valley of Kullu district, HimachalPradesh. The subsequent flash floods & landslides washed away at least seven people.

2. Two more ministers from the UK government, John Glen and Felicity Buchan, resign in fresh blow to BorisJohnson.

3. In closing session, Sensex rises by over 616 points to end day at 53,750; Nifty over 16,000.

4. Kamala Harris goes viral with ‘seriously’ word salad during visit to Highland Park after shooting.

5. Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann will be getting married to Dr Gurpreet Kaur in a close private ceremony at his house in Chandigarh.

6. A long-submerged problem is complicating Germany’s attempts to wean itself off Russian gas: Over a million tons of undersea weapons and explosives.

7. Captain Ummed Singh Mahra successfully led a raid against hostiles in the jungles of Nagaland. Displayed undaunted courage, conspicuous bravery & exemplary leadership. Posthumously awarded AshokaChakra.

8. Meta sues Chinese company’s U.S. subsidiary for scraping Facebook and Instagram data.

9. After decades of forced abortions and sterilizations as part of its one-child policy, the Chinese government is now offering incentives to encourage women to have more children. But single mothers don’t qualify.

10. Before Lalu Yadav Is Shifted To Delhi Hospital, A Meet With Nitish Kumar.

11. The surprisingly bright galaxy, called HD1, may contain some of the universe’s first stars, as well as a supermassive black hole.

12. TikTok may be out of India, but the service has not stopped growing. In the U.S., the service is facing a lot of heat off late. The pressure began when then-President DonaldTrump sought to ban the app in the U.S. or force a merger with a U.S. company.

13. RBI takes steps to boost forex inflows amid Rupee fall.

14. BJP ups ante against MahuaMoitra; Another neta files complaint against TMC MP.

15. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi resigns as Union Minister of Minority Affairs.

16. The OnePlus 10T is reportedly coming in hot with a record-shattering performance, at least per AnTuTu’s established standards.

17. Barely a month after emerging from a lockdown, Shanghai residents were reminded that their battle against Covid-19 isn’t over when authorities ordered a new round of mass testing for more than half the city’s districts.

18. Contempt of court complaint filed against Rahul Gandhi for violating rules by posting video of court proceedings.

19. Scope for reducing edible oil prices by Rs 20 per litre, says government; directs companies to pass on benefits of reduced prices to people.

20. There can now be a gap of six months between the second dose of COVID19 and the precaution dose. The gap was previously nine months: Health Ministry

21. World media declares ‘Boris Johnson’s career seems over’

22. Nykaa Fashion expands into men’s innerwear and athleisure category with GLOOT.


1. Mindful Of Geopolitical Tensions, RBI Cuts Growth Forecast To 7.2%_NDTV

2. बेंगलुरु: क्या सांप्रदायिकता भारत की सिलिकॉन वैली को बांट रही है?_BBC News

3. Sunil Jakhar’s statement reflects Congress’ anti-Dalit mentality: Principal Budh Ram_Yes Punjab

4. “Veer Prahari Motorcycle Rally” by BSF Divyang Yodhas was flagged off today from HQ 177 Bn BSF, Hisar for next destination Abohar._BSF

5. LFG detailed on Thursday that the purchase is meant to strategically align the #Terra network with #Avalanche ecosystems._BitcoinNews

6. Pakistan: विपक्षी दलों ने की SC के फैसले की सराहना, इमरान खान के खिलाफ ‘अविश्वास प्रस्ताव’ पर होगा मतदान._RepublicanBharat

7. Heat Wave Spell likely to continue over Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana-Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha, Bihar and Jharkhand during next 5 days._IMD


1. Receiving calls from across the country, especially J&K, from parents of students currently in Ukraine.MEA is constantly working out necessary arrangements. No need to worry or panic. Students to be in touch with Embassy & follow Advisory:Union Minister Jitendra Singh

2. The Sovereign Gold Bond (#SGB ) Scheme 2021-22 – Series X will be open for subscription for the period from February 28, 2022 to March 4, 2022.

3. A tri-services discussion on the modalities and structural framework on the creation of the Integrated Maritime Theatre Command (IMTC) was held under the aegis of Western NavalCommand at Mumbai on February 24 and 25.

4. Russia to impose retaliatory sanctions on West after Ukrainian invasion, Kremlin says.

5. Amid Russia-Ukraine conflict IAF will not deploy its aircraft for Exercise Cobra Warrior 2022 in UK.