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28-09-2023 – Today’s News Updates

1. The Vaccine War Review: नाना पाटेकर और पल्लवी जोशी ने की टक्कर की एक्टिंग, डायरेक्शन को पूरे नंबर – Nana Patekar and Pallavi Joshi starrer The Vaccine War Review in hindi

2. Arab countries have asked Pakistan not to send beggers in disguise of Pilgrims.

3. Nobody knows the religion of those who shooed the poor girl away. However, the only visible Hindu guy in the entire episode was a temple priest who helped the girl and called the police. Still, the cartoonist didn’t make any effort to hide his Hinduphobia.

4. Teenage girl killed with a machete in Croydon. This country needs a revolution.

5. Odd Day : All hate speeches will be treated similarly Even Day : Refuses to issue notice for registration of FIR against Udhayanidhi Stalin. INDIAN JUDICIARY!

6. MSI GF63 Thin Intel Core i7-11800H 40CM FHD 144Hz Gaming Laptop (16GB/512GB NVMe SSD/Win 11 Home/Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GDDR6 4GB/1.8Kg) MRP: Rs 98,990 Deal Price: Rs 64,990

7. When Gandhi in spite of being with Nehru all the time could not stop Nehru’s cigarette and drinks Then why do drama of keeping the liquor shops closed on 2 nd October.

8. “Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews. Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said If you expel them, they’ll all come here. Hitler then asked what should I do with them? Amin replied Burn them”. ~ Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.



જે લોકો લોકોને આધાર કાર્ડ સાથે પાન કાર્ડ લિંક ના હોય તે ૩૧/૦૩/૨૦૨૩ સુધીમાં કરવી લેજો નહીતર પછી ૫૦૦૦/- દંડ છે અને જો ૩૧/૦૩/૨૦૨૩ સુધી કરશો તો ૧૦૦૦/- દંડ માં થઇ જશે.

આધારકાર્ડ અને પાનકાર્ડ લિંક છે કે નહિ તે જોવા માટે ની સાઈટ :


  1. Pele has died. The most divine of footballers and joyous of men. He played a game only a few chosen ones have come close to. 3 times he lifted the most coveted gold trophy in that beautiful yellow shirt. He may have left us but he’ll always have footballing immortality. RIP Pele.
  2. शानदार शताब्दी का ईश्वर चरणों में विराम… Mother of Prime minister Narendra Modi is passed away this morning.


  1. Pope Emeritus Benedict is ‘very sick,’ Pope Francis reveals.
  2. Almost 10m people may be at risk of developing a mental health condition because of the war – and many of those will be children.
  3. Former Maharashtra home minister Anil Deshmukh was released on bail from Mumbai’s Arthur Road prison around 5 pm on Wednesday.


  1. Number of Germans against sending tanks to Ukraine estimated – poll 45% oppose the delivery of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, with another 33% in favor, a recent YouGov opinion poll has indicated.
  2. Arijit Singh के Concert में घायल हुए कई फैंस! एक को तो करानी पड़ी ‘सर्जरी’
  3. Vigilant CISF personnel nabbed an international pax attempting to smuggle gold in paste form weighing about 6.452 kg (worth approx. Rs 3.20 crore) by passing it over to a domestic pax @ Mumbai Airport. Both pax handed over to Customs.
  4. Heavy snow in Japan leaves 17 dead, dozens injured.
  5. BIS comes out with standards for USB Type-C charging port for mobiles, tablets.
  6. Time Technoplast receives order worth Rs 75 cr from Adani Total Gas for the supply of CNG cascades
  7. A deepfake detector designed to spot manipulated videos of Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy could be used to flag false videos of other world leaders.
  8. Seven passengers suffered minor injuries, including smoke inhalation and bruised elbows, officials say.
  9. Whoopi Goldberg Doubles Down on Claim the Holocaust Wasn’t ‘Racial,’ Calling It ‘White on White’ Violence.
  10. South Korea fires warning shots, scrambles aircraft after North Korean drones cross border.
  11. Adam Peaty, a triple Olympic gold medalist and former Strictly Come Dancing contestant, is a specialist in the breaststroke.


1. Chrissy Teigen trolls Donald Trump with first sonogram of her baby.


1. Kenneth Petty was convicted of attempted rape in 1995.

2. Nato now considers China a challenge to European security and values. This may lead it to pay attention to India–Pacific. So, how does that help India?

3. The Weather department said that very heavy to extremely heavy rainfall was expected at isolated places in Mumbai.

4. Historians may disagree but there is evidence so show ‘Bhagyanagar’ has a fair claim on Hyderabad’s history.

5. Mathematicians who have studied the most efficient way to pack spheres in eight-dimensional space and the spacing of prime numbers are among this year’s recipients of the highest award in mathematics, the Fields medal.

6. Realme GT 2 Master Explorer Edition tipped to be first LDDR5X RAM phone: More efficiency, better gaming.

7. Realme GT2 Explorer Master will be first in the world with LPDDR5X RAM.

8. Ethereum’s PoS upgrade has successfully completed a trial on Sepolia.