Expert Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Juicer Mixer Grinder

A multipurpose appliance like a juicer mixer grinder is a must-have in today’s kitchen.

By investing in and using the best available mixers, you not only save time and effort but also elevate your cooking experience.

However, it’s equally important to understand the significance of maintenance.

Regular upkeep is essential for the optimal operation and prolonged lifespan of your mixer grinder, ensuring your investment continues to pay off.

The number of uses and frequency of maintenance determine how long a grinder lasts.

Proper maintenance is necessary as the mixer grinder price sometimes gets high.

The methods listed below can be used to maintain your grinder.

You can adhere to them regardless of the style or model.

Helpful Tips and Techniques to Make the Most of Your Mixer Grinder 

Juicer Mixer Grinder,

1. Thorough Cleaning

It is mandatory to clean the juicer mixer grinder properly after each usage.

Regularly following a lengthy cleaning regimen is not possible.

In that case, you can wash the grinder unit after a quick wipe-down with a light cleaning solution. After that, wipe away the extra soap and water with a fresh, wet wipe.

One essential tip is to add some water to the mixer grinder jar and run the machine once the grinding is complete.

Then, discard this water. This would stop the ground product’s acid from seeping through the processor’s blades.

Empty all the water from the grinder and thoroughly clean it using a dry cloth.

2. Cleaning After Each Use

Effective cleaning after each usage is one of the most crucial steps in extending the life of the mixer grinder.

Most of the time, people must be more active in cleaning the mixer grinder after blending or grinding.

However, this could seriously damage your appliance.

Therefore, the juicer mixer grinder must be adequately maintained and cleaned after every usage to prolong its lifespan.

Likewise, the mixer grinder needs to be cleaned.

3. No Excessive Grinding

This is the most frequent error that individuals make when using a mixer grinder.

An extended period of continuous grinding on the mixing machine may cause overheating and motor overload.

This could lead to a mechanical motor breakdown, which would be very expensive to repair and maintain.

You should take enough breaks and intervals between grinding operations to operate your mixer grinder for a long time.

4. Refraining from Overloading the Jars

The mixer grinder may experience motor overload if the jar is overfilled with ingredients, preventing it from producing the necessary mixing and blending effects.

Accidents could also result from it.

Therefore, always leave a space between the contents and the mixer jar lid to ensure easy and speedy operation.

Grinding or mixing the components in two shifts is always a possibility.

5. Choosing the Right Jar

These days, mixer grinders include a range of innovatively designed jars for various grinding, mixing, and blending uses.

However, you want to know the kind of jar that works best for each component type.

For instance, the slightest jar can make chutney, the medium-sized jar can mix purees, and the large jar can crush dry masala.

6. Using the Original Parts

You should regularly replace the obsolete or original parts of your mixer grinders with those made by the manufacturer if they experience mechanical wear and tear over time.

Using low-cost, subpar machinery parts made by regional businesses may cause mechanical issues with your mixer grinders.

7. Locking the Jars Properly

When using a mixer grinder, many people turn on the motor without checking to see if the jar is correctly positioned on the mixer motor.

This may harm the couplers, motor blades, and jars.

Thus, make sure the jar is securely sealed before turning on the engine.

The components won’t leak if the jar is correctly fitted into the motor and the lid is closed.

It will also prevent damage to the couplers and blades.

8. Extensive Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Once a week, complete cleaning of the mixer grinder 1000 watts guarantees that the device is sterile and has optimal functioning.

In addition to the standard cleaning routine, follow the weekly cleaning schedule.

The jar can be cleaned with dishwashing or organic cleansers such as vinegar, baking soda, lime, and alcohol to remove stains and smells.

9. Grinding in Room Temperature

Ingredients that are too hot to handle could blow off the jar’s top and harm the motor and blades.

Grinding the mixer grinder goods at a temperature that is almost room temperature is the optimum practice.

You can avoid putting too much strain on the system and achieve better outcomes by doing this.

10. Using Brand-Suggested Accessories

Using the accessories the brand recommends for the longer life of the juicer mixer grinder is always safe and recommended.

Additionally, selecting other suitable mixer grinder accessories could be inexpensive but could damage the device.

You must operate your mixer grinder only after thoroughly going through the manual that comes with it when you buy mixer grinder online.

Whether you buy your mixer grinder online or offline, checking these things is necessary.

11. Storing Correctly and Saving the Motor from Being Overworked

Misusing and mismanagement can be avoided by keeping the best mixer grinder in a permanent location on a level surface.

The grinder should be placed so that using it requires no more than a few quick movements from one place to another.

Always start the mixer at the lowest speed possible, then gradually raise it.

Of course, you should wait to start dashing. As a result, the motor is under less pressure.

Before using, spin the mixer blade to ensure it operates smoothly and continuously.


Mixer grinders are a household need because of their absolute usefulness.

A juicer mixer grinder might be challenging to maintain, but it also offers unmatched assistance.

Many people need help determining the most effective ways to keep them clean.

You can adhere to the procedures described above to handle this laborious task. 

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