5 Must-See Cities in India

If you’re planning to trek across India, knowing where to start can be completely overwhelming. This enormous country includes jaw-dropping mountains, pristine beaches, vibrant cities and a wonderful multi-cultural population. You will not be bored!

While it’s easy to be intimidated, its massive size means that India has something for everyone. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best cities to visit as you make your way across the country.

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New Delhi

The capital of India often falls out of the way of tourists, simply because it’s far from the country’s beaches. However, a visit to this metropolis is absolutely rewarding, due to its rich history of arts, fashion, entertainment, and cuisine. As one of the oldest cities in the world, New Delhi boasts both ancient buildings and all of the modernity of a twenty-first century capital!

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No list of cities worth visiting in India would be complete without Mumbai. This is not only the largest city in the country, it’s one of the most populous in the world, with 21 million people! While there is something here for everyone to enjoy, no visit to Mumbai would be complete without exploring the landmarks of the Bollywood film industry, which is based here. Simply make your way to Film City in Goregaon, and experience the drama!

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Kolkata is a must-see gem of India. Widely considered to be the cultural capital of the country, the rich history of the arts in this city is apparent from the moment you set foot in it. Opulent palaces, sprawling gardens, and world-class museums are bound to have you floored. The Hooghly river spans the city, and by boat you can get a view of the gorgeous buildings dotting the city’s skyline.

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This stunning city in southern India is a testament to India’s rich past and blossoming future. Today, it’s one of the IT hubs of India, boasting the country’s headquarters of Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. However, the city’s history stretches far into the past, and you can find yourself exploring the ancient parts of the city – some as old as 400 years old. The splendor of Hyderabad is hard to overstate: check out our article on ten things all Hyderabadis should be proud of.

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Recently voted India’s most livable city in a survey conducted by the global HR group Mercer, Bangalore is a sprawling but charming city in the south of India. As it’s part of what is called the Silicon valley of India, Bangalore’s charm is for those interested in modern-day India. While there are historical landmarks as well, most can be seen in a one-day tour, which is recommended to avoid navigating through the sheer size of the city.

How to Prolong Your Stay 

Just like so many others who have traveled to India, you’re bound to find that the end of your trip comes as an unexpected and heartbreaking shock. With so much left to discover, leaving is going to be an enormous disappointment!

However, there are plenty of ways to avoid this heartbreak and prolong your stay. First of all, consider buying a one-way ticket there, so that you have more flexibility as to when you return home. That way, you can decide to leave when the time is right, as opposed to being held to an arbitrary deadline you set long before you set foot in the country.

If you’re worried about the money you’re spending while traveling, and the lack of any income during this period, I suggest you shift strategies. Why not work while you’re on the road? You could get started on any number of remote data entry jobs in anticipation of your trip. With the flexibility of setting your own hours and schedule, you can explore India and have an income at the same time.

Finally, the easiest way to prolong your stay is simply to get to know as many Indians as you can. Indian hospitality is well known, and you’re bound to meet a warm reception if you go out of your way to meet new people. With the right attitude, you can make some life-long friends. Once you do, you’ll have a good reason to keep coming back time and time again!.

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