Guide to Getting Certified in AZ-204 Developing Microsoft Azure Solution

Microsoft Azure Developers are currently in demand. The organizations require Azure Developers for each phase of the cloud development process. These IT professionals’ job is to define, design, develop, and maintain the solutions. They are also involved in performance tuning and monitoring of the keys. AZ-204 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions certification can help you achieve a career as a Microsoft Azure Developer or upskill your skills.  

Many Microsoft-affiliated and accredited institutes offer Azure training online and in person. With this, you can gain knowledge from experts, get trained, clear exams, and obtain certification.

Why Is Azure Training Necessary?

Most applicants for this course are working professionals with limited resources and time. Accredited institutes help them figure out the proper plan to study, and the exact syllabus is prepared and taught by industry experts to help them clear the exam on the first attempt. Such institutes also provide study material and course completion certification at the end of the Azure training.

Applicants can opt for weekend or weekday classes at their convenience. There are many options to choose from – self-paced, fast-track, regular courses and teaching to make learning easy.

Who Are Eligible Candidates to Get Trained and Certified in the AZ-204 Exam?

To enroll in the AZ-204 exam, 1-2 years of professional development experience and exposure to Microsoft Azure are necessary. The AZ-204 is highly valuable for cloud administrators looking to move into development or get better at using automation and development to automate their job.

AZ 204 Azure Developer Associate exam is moderately challenging and more technical compared to the other fundamental exams of Microsoft. It is designed for cloud developers and engineers expected to be experienced in cloud development using Microsoft Azure.

Based on What the Candidates are Assessed in the AZ-204 Exam?

The AZ-204 exam checks knowledge in five areas:

  • Create Azure compute solutions – Creating computer solutions, such as Platform-as-a-Service, and Function-as-a-Service.
  • Create Azure storage – Developing Azure storage which is used to store unstructured data. It also has a Cosmos Database, that is a NoSQL datastore.
  • Introduce Azure security – Implementing Cloud security, such as Authorization, authentication, and managed identities.
  • Monitor, fix, and enhance Azure solutions – This next section helps you understand how to watch, fix, and optimize your solutions.
  • Connection and efficient usage of Azure services and third-party services – The last section tests your ability to interlink and use Azure services and third-party services.

Which Topics are Covered in Azure Training?

The below topics are effectively covered in the training institutes:

  • Module 1: Making Azure App Service web applications
  • Module 2: Implementing the Azure functions
  • Module 3: Creating solutions that use Blob storage
  • Module 4: Creating solutions that use Azure Cosmos DB
  • Module 5: Implementing infrastructure as a service solution
  • Module 6: Implementing user authentication and authorization
  • Module 7: Implementing secure cloud solutions
  • Module 8: Implementing API Management
  • Module 9: Create event-based solutions
  • Module 10: Develop message-based solutions
  • Module 11: Device solutions to support monitoring and logging
  • Module 12: Integrate storing and content delivery within solutions

What is the Exam Format for Microsoft Azure?

The exam name is Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, and the code for this exam is AZ-204. This exam consists of 40-60 questions. The type of questions you’ll get are – case studies, short answers, mark review, multiple-choice, drag, and drop. You can select the code language included in the questions when you launch the exam.

Exam NameMicrosoft Certified – Azure Developer Associate
Exam CodeAZ-204
Exam Price$165 (USD)
Duration120 mins
Number of Questions40-60
Passing Score700/1000

What is the Scoring System for the AZ-204 Exam?

You can expect the below percentage of questions from the mentioned topics in the certification exam:

  1. Devising Azure compute solutions (25-30%)

The section includes Implementing IaaS solutions, Creating Azure App Service Web Apps, and Implementing Azure functions.

  1. Create Azure storage (15-20%)

Here, you need to know about the Developing solutions that use Cosmos DB storage and Developing solutions that use blob storage.

  1. Introduce Azure security (20-25%)

This section is all about Implementing user authentication and authorization and implementing secure cloud solutions.

  1. Monitor, fix, and optimize Azure solutions (15-20%)

This topic contains Implementing caching for solutions and troubleshooting solutions by using metrics and log data.

  1. Connection and usage of Azure services and third-party services (15-20%)

The section cover the implementation of API Management, the development of event-based solutions and message-based solutions.


To achieve desired results and satisfaction, it is recommended to research and choose an authorized training institute, get trained, practice tests, and gain hands-on experience to prepare for the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204) exam. The candidates can also opt for hands-on labs in training institutes as they experience real situations and complete the syllabus effectively. Hands-on labs enhance the ability to approach technical tasks in certification exams.

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