How to Make Your Essay Stand Out : Tips & Examples

Students have been writing essays since school. The levels increase many folds in colleges and universities. Notwithstanding enough scope of writing, many students can not master the craft. Fear, lack of intent and interest, and creativity can be attributed to clogged expression.

Some students develop such intense fear and anxiety towards writing essays that they suffer throughout their entire careers. Essays and dissertations are part and parcel of one’s life, and if for your ‘words came halting forth wanting invention’s stay,’ you must burn out under the sky of desolation and helplessness. 

Are you one of those constantly hovering in a vacuum where words and expressions do not resonate? This one’s for you. Rise from the couch of despair. We will help you to write an essay that stands out above the rest.

How To Write A Quality Essay?

There is a difference between an essay and a quality essay. An essay needs to be argumentative, deep diving, insightful and thought-provoking. The ultimate objective of an essay is to arrest the readers’ attention- be it a truant schoolboy level, the mischievous Romea college level, the looking forward types University levels, or, say, professional levels. Here are some ways to make an essay stand out against the rest. 

1. Do Not Just Recount But Reflect

An essay must surely get away from the levels of mere recounting. Looking back in retrospect is undoubtedly a positive intent. But somewhere, you have to think beyond it and try to unfold the lens of your mind. Therefore you need to understand the value of it and try to reflect on incidents. 

Reflection is a meditative way of expression that helps the writer delve deep into the subject. This can help you go beyond the ordinary.

You can take the help of essay writing services like Fresh Essays. When you understand it, you can feel the difference from within. This can help you with the desired quality that you need to enter the space of excellence.

2. Organization Of Thoughts 

One of the major follies that writers step into is disorganized intent. When you select the essay, you have to structure your thoughts. It is one of the major ways to keep yourself busy in your thoughts. 

We think that a structure provides not only internal formatting but also an alignment of thoughts. Outlining the structure helps one to put the information beyond the periphery of the common boundaries and attain a level of excellence. This can help bring in the desired quality. 

The outline of thought can bring a sense of order and smoothness to the essay. The writers must feel a certain amount of ease with their work.

3. Writing As Many Drafts As Possible 

The success of an essay depends, to quite an extent, on the number of drafts. The more you write, the better you refine your essay. 

Essay writing is an art, and perfection is an endless pursuit. Most students live in the illusory world, thinking they are great writers, but the menagerie of reality breaks down as soon as they receive average grades. One of the most practical ways of writing essays is writing as many drafts as possible.

4. Symbolism 

We live in a world of icons and colors. Symbolism is using a word or an image to communicate distinctive ideas. It is one of the most important components of profundity and insightful writing. Symbolism creates the element of suggestiveness where readers enjoy playing. They are great ways to entertain the readers. It creates an allegorical space within the essay and in the heart of the readers.

Let us give you an example here: 

Macbeth is known as ‘valor’s minion’ and is said to ‘disdain fortune’ with the ‘brandish’d steel.’ Here brandish’s steel unquestionably symbolizes the chivalry of the brave commander. You might have heard about Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Kubla Khan. He built a pleasure dome that symbolized the human crest for excellence.

5. Use Of Metaphors 

Metaphors are the comparison of two unrelated objects to create a layered meaning. It helps provide a depth of understanding of the subject. As a result, the association between the readers and the essay becomes strong enough. You can use extended metaphors on the altar of simple metaphors to create an effect. They can help you produce quality writing. 

Keep a few points in consideration while crafting a metaphor. You can use other literary devices like imagery or anecdotes to enrich your essays. It can help you move beyond the ordinary and attain excellence. 

Let us give an example:

“Like a child from the womb, like a ghost from tomb, I arise, and unbuilt is again.” 

  • PB Shelley, The Clouds

This is a typical example of a metaphor. 

6. Work On Your Tone

The tone is essential in writing; you must work on it constantly. The mistake students make with the essays is writing essays in a single tone. 

It can help you write down a quality essay. Your essay can have different tones- like a didactic tone, an informative tone, and others. You have to select your tone and then develop your essay. It establishes the intent of the readers. Without a proper tone, your essay will look dry. Therefore you need to work constantly on it to succeed with your essay. 

Be it college and university essays or the IVY League essay, things are getting competitive. Around 14.66 million students are expected to enroll in public colleges in 2024. Therefore, you must work continuously on the style and tone to improve it. 

Putting The Discussion To A Close

The standards of essays keep increasing with time, and the students need to keep in alignment with the latest requirements. They help in fetching better grades. But if you really have to write a standard essay, then in that case, you have to strain all your nerves and attain the levels. Only then can you attain the level of excellence in essay writing. So follow this advice, and you can write down an essay that stands out from the rest. 

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