House Space Composition to Interact with Indoor Outdoor Area

Contemporary House Space Composition for getting most indulge from the inside and out side of the modern house. Modern House Space Composition example with swimming pool. This modern homes have use space in best ways to create entertaining areas.

Contemporary House Space Composition by Matt Fajkus Architecture. This Texas modern home has a facade that’s a bit different to regular homes. In that the front masonry wall replaces the typical residential fence.

Modern House Space Composition

Here we see, latest house design example. Which is execute in Texas. With modern house design approach. House space composition create such a way, to create more interactive indoor outdoor space.

So, Lets get some architectural and design point of view for creating beautiful house design.

first floor balcony over looking front yard of modern housefront yard landscaping with stone path to aproch the house

When you enter front yard of the house. You only see some dry and beautiful composition of stepping stone pathway to reach at main door of house. The front wall is composition with inviting entrance porch.

Good Example of House Space Composition with Geometry.

Entrance porch with over looking balcony space. Give you best inviting approach. Front exposed burnt brick wall, give you white horizontal band protruding out of mass.

intersection of mass in building form composition

Corner Window with Full Height Fix glass. With Black Cladding wall give you cutting edge architecture feeling. Some one approaching to house, and you see through that window, also. That is call SPEAKING WINDOW.

House Space Composition with Materials and Foam.

indirect entrance area with rivolving glass door

Know more about Contemporary House Design.

Main Entrance Porch not open directly inside house space composition. But guide you to just take a breath and go inside. Full Height revolving steel framed Glass Door. Give you see through experience, but not give any idea of inside space of house.

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