10 Tips to protect the environment

Preserving the environment is now a hard thing to do, especially with the advanced and modern way of living that majority of us is into. Cars blow pollution into the atmosphere, machines and technical devices consume electricity, and the water is accepted as so obvious that it is left running constantly and unnecessarily long. There are already simple means by which you can save energy and water and reduce the exhaust gases.

10 tips to protect the environment

tips to protect the environment,
10 tips to protect the environment – kadvacorp.com

Tip 1: If possible, drive, bus or train.
Public transport is now a very well developed network of connections. Many people are transported simultaneously with only one vehicle.

Tip 2: Organise car pools.
Colleagues who have the same Directions can form carpools and alternate weekly. Therefore, that leaves only one car, at the same time instead of four or five.

Tip 3: Take the wheel.
Smaller lines are the ideal location to in good weather. Absolutely, there will be no emission and it is incidentally do something for his fitness.

Tip 4: Unplug electrical equipment from the switch. Make it a habit to unplug your devices from the switch when not in use. One must note that, devices in stand-by mode are still taking huge amount of power or electricity.

Tip 5: Solar cells can be installed. This power comes from the sun directly, causes no pollution and greatly helps to save money.

Tip 6: Power strips with safety switch. At night, you can make up the safety switch, preventing unnecessary waste of electricity.

Tip 7: Take the shower, instead of taking a bath. Taking a shower instead of full bath will save lots of water. Shower allows users to shampoo wile soaping simultaneously, thus saves water.

Tip 8: Water your plants and flowers with water from the rain barrel. The water is free and does not need to be taken from the house line.

Tip 9: Wash the dishes or wet shaving with the sink filled with water. In this way, water will be prevented from flowing continuously and thus will not be wasted.

Tip 10: Shorten the flushing of your toilet. Do not wait until the toilet stopped flushing by itself, instead, stop the process whenever you feel that water is no longer needed.

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