The exact definition of rain forest is a natural forest ecosystem, which has a very humid climate with more annual precipitation than 2000m sleep.

The rain forest – the ecosystem of the Earth

Rain forest, eco system,
rain forest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Listening to the rain forest generally brings to mind the tropical rain forests. However, only a few have known that it also exists in the temperate zone. The largest contiguous area of tropical rainforest is in the Amazon basin. This is a home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna in itself.

Moreover, the tropical rain forest is important to the global climate, because it takes on the climate-harming carbon dioxide and creates a haze that reflects sunlight, thus protecting them from global warming. Unfortunately, the growth of areas that serve as human entertainment resources made a bigger threat to our climate. In addition, this has caused for our rainforest resident animals to die.

Rain forest, eco system,
The rain forest – the ecosystem of the Earth-

Fortunately, organizations are taking care of this incredibly large problem and are now trying to save our planet. For example, you can buy a rainforest, and thereby protect a small part of it.

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