How an Indian Woman Labour become the CEO in USA

This is a really true Success story of an Indian lady who got married at the age of only 16, became a two child mother at the age of 18 whoworked as agricultural laborer for Rs. 5 per day and today she is the CEO of a Software company in USA.

You will be knowing about many successful women/men Entrepreneur who were nothing in the beginning and but now they became a famous person or personality later, but this story is greater than those all.As we know that GOD didn’t have time to make a nobody into somebody.It will be very hard to believe on this success story of a woman entrepreneur but you will have to believe on this success story of a woman entrepreneur.

Jyothi Reddy: Success story of a Indian Woman Entrepreneur who has created a big history in world as a CEO of Software company in USA

One person proved all these wrong just by her perseverance, hard work, spirit of never-die approach, self confidence, etc. She is none other than Mrs. Anil Jyothi Reddy. Her story is an apt example of rags-to-rich transformation.

Nothing/Nobody can stop a human being from becoming what he/she wants to achieve in life.

This is the Incredible Success story of the most successful woman entrepreneur who started from Nothing, and didn’t wait for the opportunity to knock but created the opportunity on her own, worked hard and made History.That is also the actual definition of an Entrepreneur, didn’t wait for opportunity just create the opportunity.

Early Struggle, Education and Marriage 

Jyothi Reddy was born in Warangal District (Andhra Pradesh) 1970 and she was the youngest among the five girl children in a poor family in India. Due to her family’s financial situation, she was admitted into a welfare orphanage. To get the admission, she had to become a motherless child. It was a heart breaking situation for Jyothi as she could not see her mother during the days when she was in the orphanage.

There was nobody to share her happiness and sorrow. Instead of getting down with the situation, Jyothi developed a strong will to make her future bright. She promised herself to work towards creating a better life for her. She learned the way of dealing with life in a hard and practical manner. The hardship taught her the value of life and made her think beyond the situation. At the age of just 16 they performed her marriage with Mr. Sangi Reddy and by the age of 18, she became mother of two girls.

Became a Post Graduate Teacher

To meet the basic requirements of her family, Jyothi started working as an agricultural laborer for 5 Rupees a day and continued working from 1986 to 1989. Jyothi would mostly work in the fields and struggled to find a job in off seasons. Her tumultuous life changed the day when Nehru Yuvak Kendra (NYK) founded a night school with the intention of providing basic education for the villagers.

She was the only educated girl in village so they appointed her as the volunteer to educate the adults after giving some training. It fetched her Rupees 150 per month. Her hard work and dedication impressed the Inspection authorities and they promoted her to Mandal Prerak of Hanumakonda. After being appointed there, Jyothi had to visit all the centers of the Warangal district and there she realized the importance of education. and she went on to completing her graduation and post graduation from Ambedkar Open University. Later, on completion of her B. Ed from Anna University, Jyothi Reddy became a government teacher. It was the initial stage that she successfully achieved through slow but steady steps.

Reason to Go Abroad

If she stopped her story here then there would be nothing much to inspire others. Real Story begins here, Jyothi Reddy was working as inspector of schools, a relative of her who settled in America came to India, after meeting them on some occasions she realized how a completely different lifestyle they led. So for a bright future for her daughters, she dreamed of going abroad, as an old proverb says

“Success is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”

She started learning computers and saving money for her passport and visa. Back in those days, getting US Visa wasn’t as easy as today she tried many times and failed but eventually after series of early failures she could get a visiting visa and flew to America having a very little amount.

Idea to go into Entrepreneurial World

When she visited Mexico for stamping, she realized that she could start a consulting company as she was familiar with the paperwork involved with the Visa Processing. With her savings of $40000, she opened an office in Phoenix in 2011.

Jyothi Reddy came back to U.S in May 2000 and by September, 2001 she became entrepreneur with her own initiation, i.e.Keys software solutions was initiated. It extended its services in developing software solutions and recruitment and other job providing areas. She made her cousin as partner and extended her business to become more profitable.

Her two daughters moved to US and completed their education in the American schools.

 The Dream became True

She always wanted to give her children that life which she didn’t lived, Her pretty hard work, commitment and dedication towards her goal make all her dreams true. Her two daughters had finished higher education in America from prestigious universities and got married to well settled bridegrooms. She has made enough money to take care of her children and herself. She did perfectly what she dreamed for and proved ‘If you dare to dream, you can win the whole world’.

Mrs. Jyothi Reddy is now become the owner of a million-dollar company, has customized homes in the US and India, owns a BMW and has “enough” jewellery which is generally any women’s biggest dream specially in India.

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