Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

An explosion in the number of cryptocurrencies in the World has resulted in a sharp increase in crypto trading platforms. Though the cryptocurrency industry has attracted many investors, identifying a credible crypto trading platform remains a challenge among many traders. As such, failure to choose a secure trading platform may lead to loss of investment.

Besides a wide variety of trading options, crypto trading platforms come with advanced security features that include cold storage, two-factor authentications and an inbuilt safe wallet. If you are looking for ways you can trade securely, then it’s high time you consider trading on the platforms listed in this article. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform,
Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform –

Furthermore, a lack of information about the right crypto trading platform may subject you to unscrupulous individuals which may lead to huge losses. In that case, we highlight the most reliable crypto trading platforms that you should consider for your trading.


Tradestation is touted as a leader in crypto trading technology. The platform features web and desktop platforms that serve both casual and active traders. However, TradeStation allows users to buy, trade, and sell a variety of digital currencies among them bitcoin,XRP, Bitcoin cash, and ethereum.


Kraken is among the oldest and most reputable crypto trading platforms in the World. Introduced into the world of crypto in 2011,    kraken  supports trading of up to 18 digital currencies. Whether you want to trade monero (XMR),, ripple (XRP) , or dash among other types of cryptocurrencies, you can easily choose from a pool on the platform.

While kraken doesn’t offer a mobile app for users, it has a user-friendly web-based platform that can easily be navigated by both experienced and new traders.


The little known Bittrex trading platform was founded in 2014. Users on the platform can trade ethereum, bitcoin, litecoin and over 1000 other digital currencies. The downside about Bittrex is that it doesn’t offer either a desktop or mobile version of the trading platform.


If you are looking for the safest trading platform then it’s high time you consider trying out Gemini. Besides offering Gemini dollars for users, the platform supports selling, buying, and storage of ethereum, Bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, zcash, and many other cryptocurrencies.


Robinhood is a mobile-based app that allows you to trade ethereum, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, and many others. Additionally, traders can add up to 10 digital currencies to their watch list. If you are a fan of a trading variety of crypto pairs, then the Robinhood crypto app is a perfect choice for you.


etoro is an ideal crypto trading platform for users who intend to trade at zero commission. The unique aspect of the platform is that it allows copy trading. This makes it a favorable trading platform for both new and expert traders. Besides offering a pool of 16 cryptocurrencies for traders, etoro comes with exciting features that the ordinary trading platforms.

 One of the key features is a knowledge base to assist traders in their trades. On the downside, trading on the platform attracts a hidden fee and comes with few cryptocurrency options.

Moreover, while trading fees are low, users can not withdraw their investments through an external wallet safe through an etoro wallet.

Final Thoughts

If you are stuck on choosing the best trading platform, this article offers important insight that will guide you through. Whether you are new or an expert in the crypto trading industry, you can choose an appropriate platform that suits your needs.  Meanwhile, you must consider your trading portfolio to avoid going for complex trading platforms that may expose you to the risk of losing your investment.  The bottom line is that crypto trading can be lucrative for those who understand the game.

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