The best children’s books for children aged 0-12, parents should definitely refer to their children

Reading is always an activity that brings joy, family cohesion, helps children nurture emotions and passion for discovery. Let’s read this article to not miss the best children’s books of the year according to our vote.

Young children love to read, just find a good book, they can sit for hours reading and exploring, even if they are not yet literate, the world of illustrations in children’s books will also is a colorful and attractive world. Therefore, reading books with children from a young age has a great meaning to the psychological, emotional, language and learning development of children.

The most original meaning of reading time with children at home or reading activities and developing reading culture in schools is not a “performance” for teachers and parents to attract children with reading techniques or ability. ability to read their own expressions with the goal of fostering knowledge, training skills, shaping learning attitudes, ability to concentrate… of children. It is simply a precious opportunity for us to share our joy and listen to our children’s voices in an atmosphere of relaxation, engagement and trust. 

In this article, parents and teachers will also summarize the best children’s books of the past year, as a way for us to look back at the memorable moments we had with the pages of books together. young. This list is listed with the advice and vote of Author Pham Thi Hoai Anh, author of articles on parenting and family education on Afamily.

10 best children’s books for children aged 0-3

Experts recommend that children need to hear a thousand stories before they start learning to read. 1,000 stories – a number that sounds difficult, especially for busy parents who have little time to really talk to their children. Reading aloud 15 minutes a day a book to children has proven to be the most effective solution today. If you read aloud to your baby from birth, by his 3rd birthday – he’s already heard more than 1,000 stories.

The following sets of books for children aged 0-3 are suggestions to help parents have quality and meaningful conversations with their children.

1. The book series “Tiny and tiny” – Author Todd Parr

Crabit Kidbooks’s “Tiny Tiny” set of books released includes 5 books “Thank you so much!”, “I love my family”, “I have so many feelings”, “It’s just a little wrong”, ” What’s the difference?” with meaningful themes that nurture kindness and warm hearts for children from a young age. The illustrations are contrasted with strong colors suitable for young children, and the short sentences on each page make it easy for children to listen to the story. 

2. The book “Tired, but still don’t want to sleep” and “Tilling to the top” – Susanne Straßer

This is a solid book series with a repetitive plot especially suitable for children aged 0-3. The lovely characters and suspenseful situations in the book make the little ones want to read this book over and over again.

3. The set of “Reading bedtime stories” – The first fables and fairy tales for babies

Children love fables and fairy tales, however, these are multi-word stories, too long for children’s ability to concentrate. The book series “Story to read before bedtime” has been compiled with sufficient length for young children, along with excellent illustrations, the book series is an exciting introduction to fairy tales and fables for children. .

4. The book “Spring of Calves” – By Gomi Taro

Gomi Taro is a famous Japanese children’s book author. His books always attract young children with impressive illustrations and humorous, intelligent, and engaging storytelling. This new book by Gomi Taro offers a brilliant Spring Calf story for children aged 0-3 to discover.

5. The book “There are many moons” – By Hideko Nagano

The book was inspired by author Hideko Nagano from a night watching the moon on Ha Long Bay during a visit to Vietnam. The image of the moon throughout the book brings children to an exciting around-the-world adventure. The repetitive rhythm of the story is what makes this book especially suitable for children aged 0-3.

In addition, parents should not ignore the following books:

6. The book “Doves have feelings too” and “Doves love walking things” – Author Mo Willems

7. The book “Bert the Salad” – By Ole Könnecke

8. The book series “Love to my beloved” – Author Sandra Magsamen

9. The book “Big stories, small stories – Whispering whispers” – Author Lizi Boyd

10. The book “5 Minutes More” – By Marta Altés

10 best children’s books for 3-6 year olds

At this age, use books you read with your child to bridge discussions and fun games with your child. Encourage children to share their ideas and feelings through story time and book-related art and craft activities. By continuing to read to your child every day, children will connect with joy and bonding with their parents through the experience of reading.

The following sets of books are interesting choices to help parents have happy reading hours with their children:

1. The book “Brown Brown City, Green Green Country” – By Mo Willems and Jon J Muth

The famous writers and artists Mo Willems and Jon J Muth have a perfect collaboration when delivering beautiful lyrics and beautiful illustrations in this book. The book not only offers a time travel through four beautiful seasons, but also a story of passionate friendship that any child should listen to.

2. The book series “Mathematics Games” – Author Anno Mitsumasa

This is a very interesting series of books because parents can read and quiz their children with many interesting and fun questions. With unique illustrations, this set of books not only helps children to be more excited about reading time, but also helps them practice great logical thinking and mathematical thinking.

3. The book series “Magnolia’s Recommendations” – By Elise Parsley

“Magnolia is a girl of the type “charismatic kid” – “charismatic child” means a child with a unique personality, different dreams and great determination. If fair and attentive, Parents will find that all of their kids are like Magnolia, which means they are DIFFERENT and AMAZING!!! A great set of books for parents and children to read together and learn some fun skills to help “common”. live” together happily, joyfully.

4. The series “Gori and Gura” – By Reiko Nakagawa and Yuriko Omura

The 4-book series about two famous Japanese hamster friends Guri and Gura are pure, innocent and simple stories for young children to discover.

5. The 3-book set of science books “Hey, don’t lick the book”, “I’m not a bear!” and “How did you get here?”

“How did I get here?” is the most unique and engaging children’s book about space science to help children open their minds and minds. “I’m not a bear!” tells the story of Warren, a docile koala who makes a series of compelling arguments that prove he is NOT a BEAR. “Hey, don’t lick the book!” is the most interesting interactive microbiological book for this age group. A set of humorous science books indispensable in the family bookcase.

6. The 3-book set of “Suzy Goose is stupid but not naive”, “The most wonderful guest in the world”, “Mump is passionate about dancing”

At the age of 3-6, more important than providing knowledge is that we need to shape the child’s personality foundation. These are emotional intelligence EQ, empathy, ability to respect differences, tolerance, ability to cooperate, etc. Those personality values ​​along with confidence and spirit of pursuing dreams Dreaming intensely is the necessary equipment for children to reach great heights in the future. This book series is one of the books to cultivate kindness – confidence – shine in children.

In addition, parents should not ignore the following books:

7. The 5-book series “How fast did the clawed dinosaur run?”, “How tall was the Tyrannosaurus?”, “How heavy is the Ladybug?”, “How long is the whale?”, “Kangola?” How far do you jump?” – Author Alison Limentani

8. 3-book set of books “Give me a hug”, “Delicious and scared”, “Gracie Grabbit and the tiger”

9. The book “Polar Bear – The Big Book of a Little Bear” – Author Hans de Beer

10. The 5-book series “Rain God”, “Tram No. 75”, “The road leads nowhere”, “The biggest school”, “The sky belongs to everyone” – Author Gianni Rodari

10 best children’s books for 6-12 year olds

Reading books at this age plays an important role in children’s learning outcomes, and is also a meaningful activity that helps parents connect and listen to their children more effectively. If possible, continue to have a reading time with your child each day, continue to read aloud to your child, and encourage your child to read aloud to you. This not only helps children become more confident and attached to their parents, but it is an activity that cultivates many very important study skills for children.

The following books are suggested for parents to refer to:javascript:if(typeof(admSspPageRg)!=’undefined’){admSspPageRg.draw(2012305);}else{parent.admSspPageRg.draw(2012305);}

1. The book “In nothing is nothing” – Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

This is a special book by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh that answers young children’s questions about life, death, family and friends… Through his words, great and difficult problems become warm, gentle to not only children but also adults. The book has particularly impressive illustrations by artist Vu Xuan Hoan, making the reading experience even more complete.

2. The series “The Tales of Thorton Brugess” – By Thorton Brugess

When writing this series, what Thorton Burgess most wanted for his young child to have fun with the world of stories and then spread that passion for reading to hundreds of thousands of other children around the world. this. Thornton W. Burgess shared “Imagination is an inheritance that every child has from birth”. Therefore, the journey of Peter Rabbit, Old Frog, Old Mother of the West Wind… will help children be immersed in a world full of colors created by themselves that is opened through each page of the book.

3. The series “Painting Zoo” and “Painting Botanical Garden” – By Adrienne Barman

If you need to choose an early encyclopedia for your child, this book series will definitely be a strong candidate. The world of nearly 2,000 species of animals and plants rich in nature becomes both intimate and fascinating in the illustrations of author Adrienne Barman. Every day a picture, a lesson, a story, that is the journey to expand knowledge, foster art for children with this wonderful book series.

4. The “Forest Tales” series – By Peter Holeinone and Tony Wolf

This set of books is a huge vocabulary store that helps children improve their language and writing ability in elementary school effectively. The magical world of fairy tales through illustrations by Tony Wolf is also a masterpiece of art for the little ones to see.

5. The book series “The Scared Squirrel” – Author Mélanie Watt

Overcoming fear and anxiety; learn to plan; the skill of organizing a show like his birthday party, how to make friends; are vague fears bad; what is a perfect plan….? All those skills, you really need for your child to experience and learn from primary school age, and the book series “Squirrel Fear” is an extremely effective assistant to help parents and children get acquainted and practice. those skills through stories full of funny and interesting situations of your Scared Squirrel.

In addition, parents should not ignore the following books:

6. The book “Velvet Rabbit” – By Margery Williams and Sarah Massini

7. The Book “The Baddest Kids on Earth” – By David Walliams

8. The book “Cricket adventure diary” – Author To Hoai, illustrated version by artist Dau Doa

9. The book “Twenty stories plus one” – Author Gianni Rodari 10. The book series “The secret to survival in the animal world” – By Kristen Foote and Erica Salcedo

10. The book series  Security Secrets to Surviving in the Animal World” – By Kristen Foote and Erica Salcedo

GK Chesterton is an English writer, literary and art critic, he once said: “Fairy tales do not convince children that dragons really exist in the world. The kids know that well enough. Fairy tales encourage children that they can defeat dragons.”

That’s exactly how picture books come into the child’s spiritual life, supporting them to follow their dreams and creating a wonderful fantasy world for them to hide and explore.

Adults, read books with children that way, that is, with them entering the world of stories, removing all goals and prejudices and simply enjoying all the silly joys of children with them. . Let children lead the way, parents’ hearts will reach the most wonderful miracles!.

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