Huawei Honor 6S Smartphone Price Specs and Metal Body Features

Huawei Honor 6S – Farewell To Dual Camera!

Huawei has announced another model Honor 6S with little bit modification on back of the device. In previous models we have seen that a dual camera lens were introduced but that is not happen in this case and the latest model from this giant which is named as Huawei Honor 6S.

Huawei Honor 6S Smartphone Price, Specification and Features.

Honor 6S, it is feature the dual cameras, and would have a mediocre but pretty decent processor. The device is being dubbed as Honor 6S, and could come out in January 2017 at a price of $120-130, given the price of Honor 6X and its superior specs.

honor 6s,

Huawei is cutting down on the screen size of the 6S too. And if you ask us, we’d see it looks like a 5-5.2″ display on the front.

While the Honor 6S won’t feature dual cameras, it certainly will feature fingerprint sensor, which is good.

Honor 6S Specifications:

The Honor 6S is expected to launch with Marshmallow on board. Although Huawei has already released Android 7.0 per-installed device in Mate 9. But is yet to release Honor 6X or 5X Nougat updates.

Huawei P9 Nougat firmware is already available as leak, while the Honor 8 has Nougat update as beta.

This phone support both 3G and 4G LTE network which is really appreciated these days.

Honor 6S Price:

Expecting price of $120-130. But, Honor 6 S’s price will be announced soon but you have to wait for sometime.

Honor 6_S Launching Date:

January 2017.

More Detail about Huawei Smartphones.

Recently, Huawei pushed out a statement confirming the devices it is readying the Nougat update for, while more devices could be added later on.

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