Best tips to Increase Alexa Ranking of your Blog or Website

It’s a ranking system that keeps you updated about the number of visitors who visited your website. You only need to install the Alexa toolbar to your website. More description about this can be found if you look up for Alexa Traffic Rank definition.

The Alexa toolbar collects the three months data at first step and gives the number of the pages of the website used and visited. It computes the reaches and views of the number of pages of all the websites on an everyday basis.

Best tips to Increase Alexa Ranking of your Blog or Website

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This reflects both the number of users of the particular site and the number of the pages viewed on that site. Then by calculating the simple arithmetical mean, the site is ranked.

Alexa rank is used by most of the expert webmasters, advertisers, and ad networks as measures to testify the merit of your blogs. Most of the advertisers will look for Alexa rank before they advertise on websites and blogs.

You must have good Alexa rank for getting more advertisers for your blog. Practically Alexa rank is not dependent on only your website/blog traffic, there are many tricks to increase this rank. Here are some of the easy and fast (quick) methods to increase (practically decrease) Alexa ranking. 

The following tips have been derived from the successful experiences of several Alexa using webmasters.

Working of these tips is highly dependent on the consistency of your action performing. However, it is highly advised to improve the quality of your content that automatically attracts the traffic. It is a better, slightly more demanding, way than artificially increasing your Alexa rank.

20 Methods to Increase Alexa Ranking:

  • Install Alexa toolbar and visit your blog daily.
  • Use Alexa traffic badge in your website or blog.
  • Claim your website from Alexa website to get maximum authority for your blog.
  • Use Alexa logos and buttons in your blog.
  • Set your blog as homepage in your home computer, office computer, laptop, friends PC’s, etc..
  • Update your blog daily with good articles.
  • Check your Alexa rank frequently on their website, at-least once daily.
  • Comment on tech related websites with your blog URL in comment form’s URL space.
  • Tell your friends and relatives to install Alexa toolbar and visit your blog daily.
  • Tell your friends to review your blog on Alexa.
  • Write 2-3 articles related to Alexa in your blog.
  • Encourage your blog visitors to use Alexa toolbar.
  • Try to get more traffic from social networking and social bookmarking sites.
  • If you have got money, try Alexa site audit.
  • Write content related to webmasters.
  • Use a category and tag named Alexa in your blog.
  • Try Alexa autosurfs for a new website or blog (not recommended for old sites).
  • If you or your friend has internet cafe, install Alexa toolbar and set your blog as homepage in all PC’s.
  • Advertise your URL, blog banner on tech related website.
  • Try to get traffic from all over the world.
  • Increase Blog Traffic.

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