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Easy Toilet paper Stand Design for Minimal Bathrooms

Because of their unusual layouts and limited space, small bathrooms might be difficult places to put the toilet paper holder. Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered since we’ll be exploring creative ideas for where to put the toilet paper in your compact bathroom, offering useful and fashionable suggestions to maximize storage, usability, and space. Some of the design approaches to go for the toilet paper stand are to utilize the maximum of the space available as follows,

Over-the-Tank Toilet Paper Holder

An over-the-tank toilet paper holder is a useful space-saving solution for small bathrooms. With this style of holder, quick access to the toilet paper is provided without taking up extra wall or floor space because it uses the rear of the toilet tank.

The installation process is simple and doesn’t require drilling or mounting, making it ideal for renters or people hesitant to make long-term bathroom changes. It can also fit different sizes of toilet paper rolls.

Alternatively, an adjustable over-the-toilet shelf unit gives you even more versatility by letting you change the shelves’ height and width as needed. Additionally, there is plenty of space on this kind of shelving for extra storage boxes or baskets, if needed.

Wall Mounted Shelf Holder 

One versatile solution is to build a wall-mounted toilet paper holder with a shelf. This innovative design includes a small shelf for personal care items such as an additional roll of toilet paper, air freshener, or decorative elements, as well as a designated location for toilet paper. It’s a beautiful and practical way to increase storage in a small bathroom while yet providing easy access to needs. Additionally, the shelf can be customized to match the decor of the bathroom. 

Reclaimed Toilet Paper Holder 

In bathrooms with limited space, a recessed toilet paper holder can make all the difference. This sort of holder is mounted directly to the wall, resulting in a seamless and beautiful solution. Recessing the holder frees up important surface space and eliminates any protruding parts that may obstruct mobility within the bathroom, resulting in a streamlined and minimalist option ideal for modern and minimalist bathroom designs. Another advantage of this method is that it may be used with a cover to protect the toilet paper from dampness.

Maximizing Under Washbasin Area for Vertical Storage

When floor space is at a premium, consider storing toilet paper under the bathroom sink. Installing a tiny basket or wire rack to store additional rolls of toilet paper makes them more accessible while maximizing vertical space. This strategy is especially useful in bathrooms with pedestal sinks or wall-mounted vanities, where standard storage options may be limited. Furthermore, stackable baskets or organizers can be added to the under-sink storage to increase usefulness.

Freestanding Toilet Paper Stand

For a small bathroom, consider adding a freestanding toilet paper holder with an attached magazine rack to provide both flair and usefulness. This multifunctional piece is perfect for bathrooms with little storage space because it can store and distribute toilet paper in addition to holding reading materials. It’s a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to add functionality to the space. In addition, shelves that can be adjusted can be added to the magazine rack to provide a variety of storage options.

Concealed Toilet Paper Holder Stand 

Toilet paper can be kept in the frequently overlooked area behind the bathroom door. A concealed toilet paper holder that can be attached to the door saves space and keeps the paper close at hand and out of sight while the door is open. This technique looks fantastic when paired with over-the-door hooks for hanging towels or robes, and it functions especially well in bathrooms with little wall space.

In-Cabinet Toilet Paper Holder for Concealed Storage 

If the vanity cabinet or storage unit in your small bathroom is present, you might want to add a toilet paper holder to the cabinet door. This understated method maximizes storage space while keeping the toilet paper discreetly hidden and conveniently accessible, contributing to the bathroom’s clutter-free appearance. Additionally, for smooth and silent operation, the in-cabinet holder can be constructed with a soft-close mechanism.

Rope Toilet Paper Holder

Make a homemade rope toilet paper holder for a cute and inexpensive alternative. Toilet paper holder made rustic and one-of-a-kind by fastening a strong rope to the wall or ceiling. This method is perfect for people who like a handmade aesthetic since it gives the bathroom a little personality while providing a useful storage option. The rope holder can be further styled by adding beads or ornate knots for further visibility.

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