10 Free Guest Posting Sites in the USA

Bloggers, content writers, and businesses employ several strategies to increase website traffic – a principal one is high-quality content creation. But today, simply creating content isn’t enough. We need active marketing and networking strategies that leverage these unique pieces. A great way to do this is by writing guest posts for established blogs with a traffic of millions. Here’s the ultimate guest posting site list for beginner writers with exceptional skills.

How Does Guest Posting Benefit My Website?

Guest posting on big blogs and brand platforms establishes emerging writers and companies as trusted experts in the field. It creates an opportunity to make our products and services a part of the bigger conversation. Further, it creates visibility and lets our unique creation style be known to our audience. Guest posting can also provide opportunities to connect with professionals, peers, and mentors globally. Lastly, it increases the chances of improving the SEO of our home site through backlinking, hyperlinking, and collaborating with articles.

10 Great Guest Posting Website Lists for Beginners

1. HubSpot

This is a household name for both readers and writers. They typically publish content for business owners, marketers, managers, and students – content that brings a unique perspective to an already saturated field.

Without a doubt, building a good relationship with the main editorial team is very necessary to secure a place at the famous Hubspot. There is a strict evaluation of quality standards and Hubspot does not do simultaneous publications. Include Hubspot CTA to increase your chances of being selected!

2. ClickUp

The guest writing-up opportunities at ClickUp are indeed versatile. It is one of the best options on today’s guest post website list for business owners and blog writers working with CRM, digital marketing, content creation, technical templates, etc.

ClickUp requires writers to provide a CTA for its products, proper images, and videos as well as reference citations with their work. However, getting selected for publication is relatively easy and completely free of cost.

3. OpenSource

Another advanced technical blog, OpenSource encourages the creation of open-source software and wants writers to create technical content for programmers, developers, and students. OpenSource regularly publishes course materials and conducts seminars to help people build software together.

Writing for OpenSource means accessing an active and assertive community of academicians. It is a great way to backlink to your website and promote your services to website, app, and software engineers.

4. Search Engine Land

The free guest post opportunity from Search Engine Island is every content creator’s dream. They focus on organic and paid SEO marketing and require writing on similar topics.

Search Engine Island is more focused on news-oriented articles. They encourage feature reporting which is then edited by the in-house team of subject matter experts. To get started, writers have to pitch their ideas as well as clarify the designation to identify as a trustable, expert source themselves.

5. The Blog Herald

One of the biggest and most historical blogs in the world, The Blog Herald now publishes a free guest post list routinely, including creative news articles and how-to guides from writers, interdisciplinary experts, and businesses across the world.

This is a competitive path and only very few of the writers who pitch ideas get selected. Connecting and networking with The Blog Herald creators as well as readers can be your first step towards International exposure online!

6. YourStory

Dedicated to the Indian business industry, YourStory needs first-person narratives, exclusive stories, and interviews of up-and-coming startups in the country. They encourage information and motivational content from entrepreneurs and small businesses.

YourStory is looking for contributors with a sharp voice, innovative ideas, and a clear way of conveying them. If you want to build a strong network in your and related niches, YourStory is a great solution for you.

7. Techopedia

This amazing team encourages every reader to contribute something. Small businesses and patent holders in the fields of IT, cyber security, AI, machine learning, data science, blockchain, etc can write educational content to distribute their expertise and make themselves visible, trustable, and approachable in the industry.

Techopedia is a futuristic platform that tackles complex topics and solves common myths and questions. They support high-quality writing, research, and analysis.

8. Chivmen

Originally a website dedicated to lifestyle blogging, Chivmen has today grown to become a successful platform that is read by men and women in the USA and across the world.

The Chivmen blog accepts content during the first half of the year and usually features the best of creative and technically educating articles in a multitude of fields including beauty, travel, technology news, and fashion. If you want to get featured in one of the best guest posting website lists in the country, you need to create short and to-the-point blogs and pitch them to Chivmen as soon as possible.

9. ASCD Express

This one is an instant approval platform. They accept work in multiple niches and want to see very short blogs written in conversational, everyday language.

Mostly, ASCD deals with content for educators in the KG to 12 spectrum, and guest posters can write about anything like leadership management, cultural sensitivity, etc. There is an amazing scope for creative writing with ASCD Express.

10. HuffPost

HuffPost does not charge marketers anything to get their well-written articles across to some of the largest audience bases in the world today. They even provide a comprehensive set of guides and regulations that can help a writer get accepted by the HuffPost editing team.

Due to great competition, getting selected by an editor can be difficult. High-quality writing, original images, and a catchy conversational tone are necessary for this initiative.


The guest posting website lists included in this article differ in their requirements and competitiveness; but they all want two common things – versatile industry experience and a good knack for storytelling. Guest posting offers a myriad of benefits including expanded exposure, authority building, improved SEO, networking opportunities, etc. Indeed, it is a valuable tool for any content marketing expert aiming to reach new audiences and establish credibility in the digital landscape, especially with creators operating on a much larger scale.

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