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Perks of Having a Hot Water System Installed

Having a hot shower or bath is one of life’s simple indulgences. It can relieve muscle tension, lower blood pressure, and improve blood circulation. However, you can only have a hot bath or shower if you have—well—hot water. You can reap such benefits and perks of hot water by having a reliable company like Rapid Hot Water install a hot water system at your home.

Rapid Hot Water,

Keep Yourself from Freezing

Hot water is an essential utility for many households. If you live in a cold climate or if it is winter, having hot water can save you from freezing as you shower. However, make sure you limit it between five to seven minutes since taking hot showers for too long can also damage the skin.

Get Out of the Kitchen Faster

Hot water is also useful for cleaning the dishes. The higher temperature can more easily remove food and other filth from crockery and cutlery. Thus, hot water can squeeze itself among the food particles and wash them away faster. By using hot water to clean your dishes, you spend less time in the kitchen. The dishes also spend less time drying because hot water dries faster. Plus, the dry dishes do not end up with water spots. As a hygiene bonus, hot water can kill any bacteria on your dishes. If you wash dishes by hand, you can protect your hands by wearing gloves.

Wear Clean Clothes

The same holds for washing clothes. The higher temperature helps the water remove stains and smells. Be careful, though, as hot water is inappropriate for specific situations. For example, blood and sweat tend to sink in more deeply in garments if you use hot water. Hot water can also damage clothes with synthetic fibres like nylon or spandex, causing them to shrink or fade.

Nevertheless, hot water is appropriate for whites. On the other hand, using lukewarm water can help activate the enzymes in some detergents, increasing their cleaning power. Moreover, in contrast to hot water, warm water cleans clothes without causing shrinking or fading.

Installing a Hot Water System

When you want to install a hot water system at your home, one of the first things you should think about is what kind is appropriate. Rapid Hot Water, for example, has all four heating systems, namely:

  • Electric hot water system
  • Gas hot water system
  • Solar hot water system
  • Heat pump water heater

There are even convenient accessories, such as a smartphone remote controller. Each has its pros and cons, such as energy use, cost of operation, space requirements, and more. Be sure to research each one to find out which is suitable for your situation.

Once you have settled on the type of system, the next thing to think about is the brand. Unlike the types of hot water systems, which only has four, there are numerous brands in the market. An experienced company like Rapid Hot Water should be able to give their insights on each brand so you can better decide which is more appropriate for you.

Once you have the type and brand down, then the installation itself comes next. A hot water system is a pricey appliance, and therefore it is a significant investment that could last you a lifetime.

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