The Blogging Mistakes Thousands Of Bloggers Make Every Day

A lot of new (and even experienced) bloggers make silly blogging mistakes that could ruin their chances of becoming successful in their blogging endeavors. It is always important to learn all the silly blogging mistakes to avoid in order to making sure that you generate quality blog posts…all the time.

Blogging is indeed a fantastic way to build a reputation in your chosen field, as well as connect with new readers, and keep the old readers coming back for more. A lot of people have actually used blogging in order to grow their business.

The Blogging Mistakes Thousands Of Bloggers Make Every Day

There are so many silly blogging mistakes to avoid, but I will just stick to highlight 5 blogging mistakes that every blogger should never make.

1.Posting Blog Content that Are Downright Boring!

You need to make your blog content very interesting to read, nothing scares off new readers more than wasting their time reading a boring blog post. The content you generate for your blog should be engaging. Reading a very interesting blog post will make readers want to leave comments on your blog. Having a sense of humor goes a long way to helping you get new readers, and win the loyalty of old readers.

Whenever I write, I always want to show my personality and let readers know that I am real and they can count on me to help them learn a thing or two. One of the goals that you should have at the back of your mind when you are generating content for your blog is to make sure that the content you post is interesting to read. No one wants to spend their time reading a boring piece of article.

It is important to know what is considered to be funny as opposed to what many consider to be racist or religious jokes made in poor taste. I have been in front of people who have actually thought there were telling a funny joke, but all the while they were being very rude. There are so many ways you can make your blog post interesting without retorting to so-called funny jokes that would upset a lot of readers.

This is the part where some people would want to ask: “I write about business, so how can I make my blog posts more interesting?”  When it comes to writing interesting topics about business, I have found that what keep people glued to business posts is topics that address issues in business and how to solve them. People also want to read about how a fellow entrepreneur turned a teeny-tiny business into an empire.

If you are not connecting well with your readers, things could backfire. This brings me to the next point.

2.Being Clueless about Who Your Target Audiences Are

You should know your target audience! Of course, no one is saying that you should know the names and addresses of your readers. But you should know the type of audiences that you wish to reach out to. In my case my target audiences are: online entrepreneurs, small business people, people who are interested in learning new things and people you are interested in personal development.  When you write for a specific group of people in mind, it would help you connect with them much more easily.

3.Making Spelling and Grammar Errors – Yikes!

Okay let’s face it, there are times when we write in a hurry and a few typos slip through the cracks, but when your readers keep seeing badly spelt words, typos and poor syntax, then you can count on losing your readership base. I am a Nigerian, and English is not my native language; but back home in Nigeria, English is the lingua franca. Any Nigerian who attended primary school up to the university/polytechnic level would definitely be able to write and express themselves in decent English.

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I started using American spelling when I began blogging, because I noticed that it was the norm. Instead of writing honour (which I learned in school), I simply spelt it the American way; which is spelt “honor”. But if you are not too confident when it comes to writing error-free English, you can pay someone to proofread the content prior to posting the write –up on your website.

According to the research I made some time ago, Matt Cutts from Google revealed that websites/blogs with better grammar and spelling rank higher in Google search results.

Read this very carefully, because I am only going to write it once: Poor spelling and poor grammar will leave a bad impression on your readers. Think about it, why on God’s earth should someone trust you when you cannot even spell the name of your company right, or when you are guilty of writing sentences packed with grammar errors and misspellings?! 

4.Not Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Do not forget about search engine optimization when you blog. I do not mean that you should just stuff your webpage with keywords and keyword phrases! You need to write for readers and not just for search engines and learn the art of balancing quality writing with search engine  optimization – hey, do not worry, the process is pretty easy.

There are certain types of keywords that would not sound natural; so you should not worry if you cannot “squeeze” it into your blog post more than once. Learning how to tactfully add unnatural-sounding keywords into an article is a skill that can be acquired easily, eespecially when you are a naturally gifted writer. Google is getting better by the minute at being able to fish out spammy web pages.

5. Not Promoting your Blog Content

Writing thought provoking and super interesting blogs is just not enough, you will also need to make sure that you promote your blog on social media websites such as facebook and Twitter.  If you do not have a facebook or twitter account, the best time to sign-up for one is NOW! If you already have different social media accounts, then you have absolutely no reason not to start promoting your website or blog!

These are just 5 of many silly mistakes, which happens unknowingly. If you are a newbie blogger or one of those blogger who are taking the leap of faith to become a successful blogger, you need to work hard on mistakes which you are making on daily basis. A good strategy is to learn from other people mistakes, and quickly jump ahead. Here I’m suggesting some of the articles from kadvacorp Blog archive, which will help you learn more about common mistakes which every blogger makes in his initial days of blogging:

I’m sure you will learn many new things today, which will change the way you blog. If you like to share some of your stories about mistakes that you used to make, feel free to add few via comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your blogger friends on Facebook and twitter. I wish you success in your blogging endeavors 🙂

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