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Reimagining Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper stands can have a significant impact on the overall functionality and appearance of your bathroom or restroom, even though they may appear to be a minor component in the overall design. A toilet paper storage solution keeps your bathroom neat and structured while guaranteeing that toilet paper is always available.

Toilet paper, like so many other common products, has become a political flashpoint in this year of upheaval, forcing us to reconsider what we thought was ordinary or boring before the outbreak. 

As the COVID-19 lockdown caused Americans to panic and stock their homes with seemingly endless toilet paper, the rich got richer—by, we feel compelled to point out, selling and manufacturing rolls that pollute waterways, contain harmful toxins, and are made from virgin wood pulp. 

Cover Image Source: https://www.slowdown.tv/article/toilet-paper-holders-reimagined-as-works-of-art

Working in tandem with the upstart company Plant Paper, which uses only fast-growing, FSC-certified bamboo to create toxin- and tree-free toilet paper, Critton and Korsavong asked over 50 designers and artists to rethink a “seemingly humble piece of hardware that we invariably interact with every day”: the toilet paper holder

International participants reimagining the toilet paper wheel include Italian designer Martino Gamper, Memphis group alum Peter Shire, Rotterdam-based Sabine Marcelis, and the German-Moroccan studio Bnag, led by Oliver-Selim Boualam and Lukas Marstaller. Their works infuse a playful element of sculpture into even the most ordinary objects. 

Martino Gampe’s Loo Roll Bar

Image Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/10/10/toilet-roll-holder-marta-under-over-matino-gamper-design/ 

A stainless-steel reinforcing bar, often known as rebar, is commonly used in construction to support concrete structures. However, in this case, Italian designer Martino Gamper allowed it to rise beyond its station and turn into an arcing toilet paper dispenser. As the material is quite efficient it has a sensuous effect on experience. Easy with joineries. 

BNAG’s Toilet Tongue 

Image Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/10/10/toilet-roll-holder-marta-under-over-matino-gamper-design/ 

BNAG, a design duo from Karlsruhe, Germany, designed a collection of seven ceramic fixes, including this flesh-colored tongue that glides out from the wall and gently cups the toilet roll before offering it to the user. It is the story of the quarter time when the people had limited access and availability. 

Ryan Preciado’s free floor piece

Image Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/10/10/toilet-roll-holder-marta-under-over-matino-gamper-design/ 

Preciado a Los Angeles designer translated the idea of the air conditioning vents of VW buses into the free-standing toilet paper stand. It is solving for storage purposes by having numerous rolls on hand simultaneously and a clear awareness of when you’re going to run out of this crucial ingredient.

Terremoto’s nothing, something

Image Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/10/10/toilet-roll-holder-marta-under-over-matino-gamper-design/

The toilet paper is from the same felled redwood tree that is used to make the wall-mounted cage made of tree pulp and the skewer on the branch. The making of Terremotos is an explicit example of how what comes into and goes to. 

Serban Ionescu’s Shackleton

Image Soruce: https://www.dezeen.com/2020/10/10/toilet-roll-holder-marta-under-over-matino-gamper-design/  

an twentieth-century polar explorer who, after his toilet paper ran out on an expedition, allegedly resorted to cutting pages from an encyclopaedia. During the quarantine in Toronto, Erban was unable to enter his studio. This is a sort of happy, analog version of the waterjet-cut aluminum pieces he generally works with fabricators to create, rendered in foam and plywood.

Apart from the exhibition after COVID-19, there are several ways to imagine that we use toilet paper

Minimalist Magnetic Holder

Image Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/263485647/magnetic-paper-towel-holder-magnetic 

Use magnets to create a modern, minimalist toilet paper holder. The toilet paper roll holder could consist of a magnetic strip that is attached to the wall and several magnetic rings that grip the roll firmly. The illusion of the roll floating against the wall is produced by this design.

Stone or Marble Holder

Image Source: https://www.archiproducts.com/en/products/antoniolupi/toilet-roll-holder-towel-rack-bivio_492056 

A stone or marble toilet paper holder will elevate the look of the restroom. Create a stylish and exquisite bathroom holder by carving or sculpting a piece of stone or marble to match the room’s decor.

The bathroom’s aesthetics are elevated with the change in material and with the elementality that each material reflects on its properties and individuality.

Industrial Pipe Holder

Image Source: https://www.pegasusbespokefurniture.co.uk/product/industrial-toilet-roll-holder-rustic-toilet-roll-holder-toilet-roll-holders/

A toilet paper holder made of metal pipes and fittings adds a unique and industrial touch to your bathroom. Uniquely creating the pipes and fittings—for example, by designing a freestanding or wall-mounted toilet paper roll.

Allows you to combine traditional building materials with a sense of appreciation and connection to the original concept and physical form. The aesthetical appeal of the materiality of something creates a vintage experience and physicality. 

Reimaging the idea of a toilet paper stand is an approach that makes it more meaningful to approach it with the idea of the seeing toilet paper as an element of the whole space and to approach it with a designed and themed way.

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