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Bathroom Behind the Bed

Generally, we are habitual to plan bed room and bathroom area separately or characterized by a series of rooms with very defined functions and spaces. But many modern house architectural designs seek to integrate spaces to achieve high degrees of adaptability and flexibility. In this way, the open floor planning is blurred and new solutions appear that are worth analyzing. In the case of bedrooms, bathrooms are often no longer a small and secluded adjoining room – instead, they are now integrated to form a multifunctional space that is subtly concealed.

Bathroom Behind the Bed

let’s go through some cases that have adopted the specific solution of the hidden bathroom just behind the bed.

The AW Residence by andramatin 

The project includes two mirrored bedrooms with hidden bathrooms behind their beds.

bath behind bed head, white bed, counter basin, wooden flooring, wooden ceiling, interior photography,

In this case, the wall allows the installation of sinks and storage, and the toilet and shower have been separated in an opaque glass cabin.

Here, the wall is much thinner than those used in the previous cases, but it reaches the full height of the space.

Casa Hualle by Ampuero Yutronic

The same wall that faces the bed allows the bathroom to be hidden with double access, serving as support for the sinks and the mirror, located at the back.

bath behind the bed, bed, hanging ceiling light,
WC, bathtub, counter basin, wooden partition, mirror on the wall,

Wall clad in light wood, like the rest of the room, the bathroom remains concealed but highly integrated, including a bathtub with views of the landscape, a shower, and a private toilet.

The separating wall doesn’t reach the ceiling and the floor is made of the same material, integrating even more all the designed spaces.

Heavy Metal house by Hufft

Heavy Metal house takes advantage of the space behind the bed to create a large bathroom space, including a sink, a walk-in closet, and a shower that opens into an interior patio.

full height wooden partition, bed room, bathroom, counter basin, wooden bed drop,
back yard, open shower, counter basin, stone in bath, skylight in bath, bath and bed combined, bath room photography,

The wall that separates them reaches the full height of the space and is cladded with wood towards the bedroom. The WC is also located separately, in a closed cabin.

Wilderness House by Archterra Architects

This house features a continuous circulation around its perimeter, hiding the bathroom behind the low wall that faces the landscape with its back to the main bed.

bedroom, black bedsheet, full height windows, forest view, wooden flooring, wooden ceiling, white window frames,

Unlike the previous case, this white wall is separated into two parts: a storage area and a curved space that includes a shower and a bathtub.

lady in bath, white bath tub, curve shower wall, italian flooring, wooden ceiling,

Behind, the sinks and other supporting furniture are located, while the WC has been separated into a small adjoining cabin, to prevent odors from infiltrating into the bedroom.

MAPA’s MINIMOD Catuçaba Project

The bed has its back to a volume that contains storage, a sink, and a toilet, and that separates the bedroom from the kitchen and the living room.

bath behind bed,

As a prefabricated and minimal-scale house, uses this solution to make the most of the square meters of the house.

To avoid unwanted odors, two sliding doors have been arranged that allow the bathroom to be opened and closed, providing greater privacy to its users.

Nanyang 5Lmeet by DAGA Architects

For the mixed-use project Nanyang 5Lmeet, three micro-apartments have been designed using the same strategy as the previous cases.

bath behind bed area, bath mirror, white counter basin,

Here, the warm wooden wall allows luminaires to be incorporated towards the bed while hiding a WC and a shower in the center, and a sink and furniture on its sides, both of which are visible.


The white wall facing away from the bed conceals the sink, storage, a WC, and a glazed shower, while a sculptural bathtub is fully freed and arranged in a corner of the room, providing spectacular views of the surrounding landscape.

bathroom behind bed, white bed, forest view bedroom, full height glass window, floor to floor glass window, black bathtub, counter basin,
black bathtub, white ceiling, full glass window, bathroom photo, interior photography,

Taking advantage of the freedoms that hotel design provides, at the VISAYA Hotel by ATDESIGN this strategy has been pushed to the limit.

322 Reinvented Home by Substance Architecture

In 322 Reinvented homes, the entire wall is transformed into a multifunctional space, including storage, a glass shower in the center, and a mirrored sink on the backside.

bedroom photo, wooden finish back drop, bath behind bed, wooden flooring, white ceiling, sunken bed head, full length pillow,
bath room photo, white counter basin, wooden cabinet in bathroom, shower encloser, shower cabin, open floor plan,

The bathtub and toilet are located in two separate cabins, one on each side of this central wall.

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These are some examples of open floor plan of bed room area that include open bath and WC spaces with them. Bathroom behind the Bed is latest trends in modern apartments interior as well Villa Planning and bungalow project around the world. What do you think? Let us know about more these upcoming trends in your area.

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