Examples of Six Small Bathtub for Urban Residence Bathroom Vanity

Small bathtub shower ideas to be that a last century urban residence. With it’s long and narrow bathroom space, a cutting-edge bed-and-bath project. Or just the simple need of modulating architectural scale small bathtub might be requirement.

Just like in “S, M, L, XL”, the bathtubs in Agape’s product range come in different sizes. And all of them have the trademark Agape quality of becoming one with the encompassing architectural space. Regardless of their dimensions or sizes.

Small Bathtub Design Ideas from Agape

small bathtub,

The following selection of small bathtub ideas presents six product. These small bathtub remodel families are starting from the mere 130 cm of In-Out.

Six small bathtub by three different designers, in a variety of finishes and materials.

Six perfect fits for best bathtub design challenges, where space might be an issue without compromising on architectural quality.

Small In-Out (130 cm) Bathtub Design:

This little bath bowl is design by Benedini Associati.

In-Out bathtub design

This bathtub is make entirely of white Exmar. In-Out is the circular small bathtub with a very versatile personality.

Thanks to the great versatility and choice of versions. In-Out can transform any interior with its timeless design. New version in marble now available.

  • Dimensions: cm ø130 x 60h – ø51″1/8 x 23″5/8
  • version with edge cm ø130 x 64h – ø60″1/8 x 25″1/4
  • Capacity: 520 liters – 135 gall.
  • Weight: 132 kg – 291 lb.
  • www.agapedesign.it/en/products/in-out.
Little Marsiglia (149 cm) Bath Tub Design:

This bath tub is design by Lucidi Pevere.

Marsiglia small bathtub product

Winner of the 2014 Cristalplant Design Contest. A contest in collaboration with Agape.

Marsiglia is a small bathtub of limited length born, from the encounter of a contemporary material.

  • The Cristalplant biobased –
  • An object of the past,
  • The memory of fragrances and shapes: a washhouse.

An element to be found in the surface with a slight slope for the water drain, with a wooden shelf, where objects and accessories can be laid.

The regular shape and reduced length makes it particularly suitable for environments with limited dimensions. Available in white or in two-tone with light or dark grey exterior.

  • Dimensions: cm 149 x 57,5h x 87p – 58″21/32 x 22″41/64 x 34″1/4
  • Capacity: 277 liters – 74 gall
  • Weight: 115kg – 253 lb
  • www.agapedesign.it/en/products/marsiglia
Extra Small Bathtub Vieques XS (150 cm):

Design by Patricia Urquiola.

Vieques XS compact modern bathtub design

Vieques bathtub is takes its name from a small and immaculate island in the Caribbean Sea. A project that fascinates by the contrast between inspiration. Homage to the old tubs of past times in ready made style – and the sophisticated realization.

Backrest and shelf in Iroko wood. Available also in a XS version of 150 cm length for small spaces.

Finishes: available in completely white or two-tone dark grey.

  • Dimensions: cm 150 x 67,5h x 72,6p – 59″1/2 x 26″5/8 x 28″5/8
  • Capacity: 320 liters – 85 gall
  • Weight: 65 kg – 143 lbs
  • www.agapedesign.it/en/products/vieques-xs.

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