Ashadhi Beej a Kutchi New Year and a Day is Celebration Of Rains

Hello Folks,… The Kutchi people celebrate Ashadhi Beej A Kutchi New Year. Ashadhi Bij is 2nd day of Shukla paksha of Aashaadha month, of Hindu calendar. As for people of Kutch Region, this day is associated with beginning of rains in Kutch Region. Because Kutch region is largely a desert area.

As per Hindu calendar month of Aashaadh. Kutch People celebrated on Saturday Ashadhi Beej, A Kutchi New Year. which also heralds the beginning of Kutchi New Year. that begins on the second day of Ashad. If the current indigenous calendar year 2073 for the Kutchi New Year already turned 2073 today.

Ashadi Beej 2016 Date. – Ashadi Beej is on July 6. Vikram Samvant 2073 begins from July 6, 2016 in Kutch region.

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Ashadhi Beej A Kutchi New Year : Day Is Celebration Of Rains


We wished the people of Kutch Region, developing at the fastest growing rate in India. They would flourish in the agriculture sector too, besides tourism and industrial. The state government is committed to provide multifarious facilities for the development of KutchRegion.


Big celebrations of the Kutchi new year day in Mumbai. Where more than one million Kutchis live, Hyderabad, and Nagpur.  The day was celebrated also in the UK, USA and Canada and Africa.

 A Kutchi New Year Greeting to the people of Kutch, as a gift on the eve of Ashadhi Beej.

Ashadhi Beej A Kutchi New Year SMS

  • KUTCHI NAYE VARE JI Aanke – Lakh Lakh vadhaiyu.
  • Halo Khubh Kushi thi Ujaviye Panjo Navo Vare, Happy Kutchi New Year.!!!
  • Metho Asaanjo Kutch, Metha Asanja Madu, Methi Asanji Galiyun, Ne Mathi Asanji ‘ASHADHI BIJ’ HAPPY KUTCHI NEW YEAR.
  • Gajjan gaje ne morla bolen mathe chamke ti veej Hallo panje kutchde me Aavyee ASHADHI BEEJ.
  • Ann vadhe, Dhan vadhe, Shanti vadhe, Het vadhe,  Vadhe dayabhav, Vadhe madienjo sahyog. Heej asanji shubechaaa!! KUTCHI NAYE VARE JI Aanke Lakh Lakh vadhaiyu, HAPPY ASHADHI BEEJ.

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