How to Watch YouTube Videos on Slow Internet Connection

When I was small, my parents bought me a slow internet connection for the first time. I was new to internet and when i used to watch videos on YouTube, I used to get pissed off and irritated as it took more time to buffer then the actual time period of video.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Slow Internet Connection

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Slow Internet Connection-

That was crazy. Thankfully now I have a better internet speed that boosts YouTube buffering. But what about the others?

I think this is the most common problem that every slow internet users all are facing. Am I right?

That is why I want to make this problem’s solution public, so that other people can also get benefited from it.

So here we go.

Lets brush up the question.

Q.) How to watch YouTube videos on slow Internet connection..??

YouTube is a video-sharing website with millions of videos available on its servers and watching YouTube Video on slow internet can cause issues in buffering.

Registered and unregistered users can watch videos on YouTube and most of its videos were uploaded by individuals like us.

Even i love watching videos on YouTube but the greatest challenge I used to face is slow buffering and this usually happens because internet was slow, but just a few days ago I found out a solution to watch YouTube videos with my slow internet connection.

YouTube videos buffering can be speed up using “YouTube feather beta”. This helps to load YouTube video faster in a slow internet connection because it removes the entire information panel.  

Not only that, but also the sidebar related video list, share button, comment, like and dislike button etc. from all YouTube video page once it is activated.

To activate YouTube feather beta go to the link Feather Beta and then click “Join Feather Beta” link to enable YouTube Feather beta on your account.

Yes this is it. You can now watch youtube videos on slow internet connect without much of the buffering and it will be a smooth and fluent event.

Bonus Tip: It is rumored that YouTube has its few servers hosted with certain ISPs in India, and to our knowledge, the Fivenetwork Solutions in Mumbai, India is one of those ISPs. While using their Internet, we have discovered that it takes a mere 3-5 seconds to buffer the entire video no matter what your internet speed is or the size of video is.

If your ISP is one of them, then you are lucky enough to get an amazing buffer speed on YouTube.

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UPDATE: YouTube has surprisingly removed the Feather Beta tool from YouTube, if there is any change in the same, we will update here as soon as possibl

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