Move to Denver: Expert Tips for A Smooth Moving Day

Whether it’s the thriving job market or the beautiful mountains that have drawn you in, moving to the Rocky Mountain capital to enjoy its laid-back lifestyle is always a great choice. Just imagining all the bike trails you can enjoy and the skiing opportunities waiting for you is enough to get you started with packing and moving.

But is moving to Denver worth it, especially if it’s a cross-country move? The simple answer is yes. This city has much to offer as one of the country’s most progressive and innovative-thinking cities. It has a healthy economy, and the unemployment rate is below 4%, not to mention the outstanding scenery and competitive food scene.

But when it comes to moving there, should you hire a moving company or DIY it to save money? That depends. Do you have time to pack and a large enough truck to move everything? Then, DIY is the way to go. However, if you’re busy and have many things going on in preparation for this move, hiring a team of professionals will save you a lot of headaches.

How to Make Your Moving Day Smooth-Sailing?

Moving is exciting but not exactly fun. The exciting part is that you will live in a new environment and meet new people. But just thinking about the daunting task of packing and moving furniture and other things is already exhausting. Early preparation and a good attitude about moving are keys to avoiding mistakes and making your moving day seamless.

Book Movers in Advance

One of the best things you can do to avoid mishaps on your moving day is to book your movers in advance if you are hiring one. The sooner you contact your prospective movers, the better. Make sure to have a list of prospects to compare their services and fees. Having several options makes it easier to choose a team that suits your budget and schedule.

Start Downsizing as Soon as Possible

Once you’re done booking your movers, it’s time to declutter and remove items you won’t need when you move to your new location. While packing, you can identify which items are important and which items you no longer wish to keep or can easily be replaced in your new place. You can do a garage sale for the unwanted items to earn additional funds for your move or simply donate them to charity.

Pack Early and Pack Smart

Even if you’re good at packing, you must anticipate that getting everything packed and prepared for your move to Denver can take time. That’s why you must start packing at least two or three weeks before your move. Be smart about your packing, too. Begin by packing your China or fragile items. Books can also be packed in advance since you won’t likely need to access them in the coming weeks.

Pack a box of the things you will need on your first day at the new place. Sheets, toiletries, change of clothes, and pantry items can be packed in hampers or suitcases for easy access. Have a small box for plates, eating utensils, cooking tools, and electronics that you will need on day one in your new home. Label the suitcase or box so you won’t spend hours digging into your packages.

Designate a Packing Area

Since you’re packing in advance and still need the rest of your current space, you must designate an area where you will do all your packing. Choose an area or room you seldom use to avoid distractions while packing. Momentum is essential when packing, so you’ll need to focus.

Prepare your packing boxes or containers, tapes, markers, and other packing materials such as newsprint or papers, bubble wraps, and foam peanuts. The newsprint, bubble wraps, and foam peanuts are excellent for securing fragile items that could break during transport.

Pack for Denver Weather

The weather is one of the first things you must understand if you’re moving to Denver. This place is known for having cold and snowy weather. So, if you’re packing, consider what kind of weather you’ll encounter on your moving day. If it’s snowy or wet, ditch the cardboard moving boxes. Though these are the most common items when moving, cardboard boxes can get wet and destroyed.

Instead of cardboard boxes, use water-resistant moving containers that remain sturdy under Denver’s weather. Aside from containers, you can also use storage items at home, such as hampers, household storage containers, and even trash bags. Trash bags are great for packing soft and non-breakable items since they can easily be squished and stuffed into the moving truck.

Label Your Boxes

Even in a short distance move, there’s always a risk of getting your fragile items broken or messed up. As such, properly labeling your boxes is essential. Put fragile stickers whenever necessary and make sure the stickers are visible to the movers or anyone assigned to the task.

It is also better to mark and label all boxes, big or small. This way, you will know what each box contains and won’t mistakenly unpack the things you’re not ready to organize just yet. Also, you should mark which room each box belongs to for easy unpacking.

What to Avoid When Moving?

With so many details to consider, it is common for people to make mistakes. Here are some things you must avoid for a stress-free moving day:


Procrastination is among the most common mistakes people make when preparing to move. Start packing or contacting a moving company early, and don’t wait until the last minute. You might end up with unreliable movers and your things not correctly stored.

Not Considering Moving Options

When moving, make sure to consider various options. Check with several moving companies to see what services they offer and weigh which suits your needs best. Are you thinking of going DIY? Consider your time and availability to pack and move everything on your own. Paying professional movers might be worth your safety and peace of mind.

Packing Heavy

Whether you’re a self-mover or hiring a team, pack accordingly. Fill your big boxes with light stuff and load the heavy items in small boxes. This way, you won’t endanger anyone lifting them.

Moving is a considerable undertaking, whether you’re just moving to the next town or a few blocks away. Make sure to get everyone involved. Whether it’s your family or professional movers, you can never underestimate the benefits of having a few extra helping hands.

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