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Nukkad Natak on Financial Literacy – Show Talent Win Prizes

As you are aware, every year our Securities Market Regulator – SEBI a member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (I0SCO) celebrates World Investor Week in order to give further impetus to the various investor education and awareness initiatives carried out throughout the year.

BSE Investors Protection Fund is pleased to inform you that World Investor Week 2023 will be celebrated during October 9-15, 2023. We have planned many investor related activities during this week.

One very interesting competition is “Nukkad Natak” or Street Plays on Financial Literacy  – the central theme being “An Educated Investor is a Resilient Investor”. This competition will be held throughout the WIW 2023 (October 9-15, 2023).

Nukkad Natak on Financial Literacy

Each team will need to prepare and execute a short Nukkad Natak on the above theme and based on the attached topics which carries investor awareness messages and shoot the video of the same (maximum duration 3 minutes) and send it to the following email id.

All the Rules and guidelines of this competition are also attached with this mail for your ready reference.

So, Hurry…. Showcase Your Talent …… and Win …. Exciting Prizes

  • 1st Prize – Rs. 20,000/- 
  • 2nd Prize – Rs. 17,000/-
  • 3rd Prize – Rs. 13,000/-   
  • 4th Prize – Rs. 10,000/-
  • 5th Prize – Rs. 7,500/-

Please note BSE’s decision on this will be final and binding on all participants.

Topics for Nukkad Natak

Topics given to SEBI

  • Do your own research or consult an investment advisor before investing. Making investments based on tips through social media can result in losses.

Brief : Investors should do their own research about the company whose shares they intend to buy. Doing own research about the fundamentals of the company is always advisable than relying on the tips and rumours making rounds in the social media, which may be misleading.

  • Arbitration mechanism available with the Exchanges for settlement of claims against listed companies.

Brief : SEBI has recently brought this investor friendly measure in force. Through this facility the investors can settle their claims against the listed companies whose shares they possess, by just approaching the nearest regional investor service centre of the Exchange and file an arbitration case. The arbitration is a quasi-judicial mechanism and the order passed is binding upon the parties. Thus, investors will benefit from this time bond and very effective claim settlement process.

  • Right to receive dividend within 30 days of declaration

Brief : As per regulatory guidelines, a listed company is duty bound to pay the dividend to the shareholders within 30 days of its declaration. As such it becomes the right of the shareholder to receive the same in time. If not received, shareholder can lodge complaint with the company first and if not resolved then with the Exchange.

  • Not to invest in any scheme in exchange for commission/incentive.

Brief : There are various schemes floating in market to lure the common investors to receive attractive commission/incentive if they invest their money in those schemes. Investors should not fall for such schemes which offer exceptionally high returns than the normal rate of returns received from any regularised investment. This may result into losing their hard-earned money.

  • Do you receive alerts about investment transactions? Update your mobile number and email id with your broker/all stock exchanges/all depositories.

Brief : In order to protect the interest of investors from unauthorised trades happening in their trading account, under the guidance of SEBI, Exchanges are now sending trade sms and emails to the investors on the day of trade itself. This helps the investors to take action if any trade has happened without his/her instructions. For that investors shall keep the latest email id and mobile no. updated with his/her stockbroker which is in tern get updated in Stock Exchange system. Similarly, they shall update the same with their Depository Participants where they hold demat account.

  • Did you know that Power of Attorney is not a mandatory KYC document ? PoA may be given only if required by investor and should be specific and not general PoA.

Brief : Many investors do not know that POA is not a mandatory document while opening a trading account. By giving POA they authorise the stock broker to deal with their shares in the manner broker desire. Some brokers may misappropriate shares from the demat accounts of the investors by using these POAs. So, investors should know that POA is not a mandatory KYC document. Further, it shall be given only if investor want to give and that too for specific purpose.

  • Did you know that you should get contract notes within 24 hours of trade? If it exceeds this time limit, get in touch with your broker immediately.

Brief : As per regulatory guidelines it is the right of every investor to receive contract note from his/her broker for trades executed, within 24 hours of trade. Contract note is a legal document which provide proof of trades executed in the account of investor as per the details mentioned therein. This document helps investor in resolving any dispute/claim arising out of such trade against the stock broker at any forum. So, always get the contract note from broker and preserve it for any future reference.

  • Do not trade in products which are unregulated and not fully understood by you like Crypto Currency.

Brief : There are many attractive products made available in market which promise very high returns in short time. Many investors do not even understand the basic features of these products and simply on advise from somebody or watching some one doing, they invest in such products, which are mostly unregulated. One of such product is Crypto Currency which is not a legally recognised product in India and therefore it is unregulated. There is a high risk in investing in such unregulated products, since investors may lose their money due to ignorance and then not having any legal recourse to recover the same.

  • As a shareholder, do understand the resolutions sent by your company for approval and participate in voting. It may bring policy change at your company.

Brief : As a shareholder you receive notices for voting on certain resolutions at the meetings of the company. Many such resolutions carry important policy decisions related to the functioning of the company. Your vote for or against the same can make a difference. So, every shareholder needs to read these resolutions, understand their implications and take part in voting for or against the same. It is the right of every shareholder which can make policy change at the company.

NukkadNatak-Rules & Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

  • The competition will be held during 7 days of World Investor Week (9-15 Oct 2023).
  • There is no entry fee for the competition. Anyone can participate and it is free of charge.
  • Each team will conduct a kind of an awareness activity (skit or song or flash mob) in the form of a Nukkad-Natak and shoot the video of the same. (List of topics attached herewith)
  • The recorded Nukkad-Natak must be submitted in the form of a digital video.
  • Entries must be sent to with the video attached. The Entry emailed shall contain the details of the participant (viz. Full names of all participants, Phone numbers and City along with State) mentioned in the body of that mail. All video entries will be acknowledged only by email.
  • The video should not be longer than 3 minutes.
  • Each team can have minimum 2 and maximum 7 participants. They will appoint a team captain while sending their video entries.
  • The video should not contain any of your personal details/incidents.
  • All videos must be submitted either in English or Hindi or a mix of Hindi+English.
  • All information presented in the video must be cited, giving credit to the original source where applicable. Plagiarism of any kind will result in disqualification.

Content must NOT-

  • Promote illegal behaviour or abuse any person or entity.
  • Support racial, religious, sexual, or other invidious prejudice.
  • Violate rights established by the regulator or law or by any agreement.
  • Invade the privacy of any person.
  • The decision of the Deciding Authority at BSE Investors’ Protection Fund (BSE IPF) will be final. Entrants agree to be bound by the official contest rules and decisions of the Deciding Authority.
  • The only compensation for submitting the entries is the opportunity to be awarded a prize if the entry wins. No additional compensation is liable under any circumstances.
  • Participants should keep at least one copy of their video. We are not responsible for any videos that are lost, damaged, or that do not upload properly.
  • BSE IPF will have the sole intellectual property rights over all the creatives and will be free within its rights to use these creatives in whatsoever manner anytime in future for education and awareness purpose of the general investors. Due credit may be given to the creator, as deemed fit by BSE IPF.
  • Entrants grant us the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform, and/or display the entrant’s project video without further compensation or notification to the entrant.
  • BSE IPF maintains the right to reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform, display, or exhibit the entry videos for advertising, publicity, and promotional purposes on their website, at conferences, or at any other venues.
  • Until the contest is over, you are not allowed to upload the video to any social media handle or any other platform.
  • The deadline for submissions is 16th October 2023. Winners will be decided by 31st October 2023 and will be displayed on
  • Top 5 teams will be awarded with Cash Prizes (Amazon Gift Voucher) and a Certificate of Participation to the team members.

Awards will be presented as follows. These prizes will be given in the name of “Captain” of team , whose name has to be submitted at the time of  entry.

  • 1st team prize: Rs. 20,000
  • 2nd team prize: Rs. 17,000
  • 3rd team prize: Rs. 13,000
  • 4th team prize: Rs. 10,000
  • 5th team prize: Rs. 7,500

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