If you are Making any changes to DNS or Domain Name Server Records then you have noticed that DNS Propagation takes several mints,

for some users it will be done in few hours and few have to wait for hours or days, now the best part is you can Now check DNS Propagation in real-time.

Now you can Check DNS Status online using this Best sites, this sites will provide you result about your DNS Status and you can keep

Check DNS Propagation using these websites.

Now Here is the List of Best Website to Check DNS Propagation in Real time using these websites, hope this is useful to you.

Best Sites To Check DNS Propagation

Best Sites To Check DNS Propagation:

1. DNS Checker:

DNS Checker is one of the Best Website to Check DNS status, if you have recently changed the DNS and want to know the status of it then you can simply go to DNS Checker and then enter your Domain name, you will get all the result in few seconds.

DNS Checker Currently Supports 24 Locations World Wide and it will give you the accurate result of DNS Propagation, it also Provides the result for A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, NS, PTR, SOA and MX.

2. WhatsMyDns.Net:

WhatsMyDns will Give you Result from 21 Locations for your DNS Propagation if you have recently changed DNS for your Website and want to keep Update then you can Try WhatsMyDns.net today.

it will also Provide the result for Provides the result for A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, NS, PTR, SOA and MX.

3. Site24x7:

This is also one of the Good Option to Check DNS Propagation, it will provide you detailed information about the DNS from 50 Locations.

it will also provide the details about DNS, First and Last Byte and Connecting Time and More.

4.  ViewDNS.info

ViewDNS.info Provides the DNS information from the Top 19 Locations worldwide and you will get the complete information about DNS Propagation.

ViewDNS.info also provides the some useful information like IP Address, this is also one of the best Tool to Check DNS Propagation.

5. Nexcess:

Nexcess Global DNS Checker allows you to check the status of DNS using 22 Location Wolrd Wide,

If you have recently Updates DNS and want to check quick status then you can go to the website and you just have to enter the Website Domain name and you will get all the result.

You can also Check for the A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, NS, PTR, SOA and MX Result using the website.

Hope This Tool are helpful to you to Check DNS Propagation, Don’t forget to share with other users.

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