Event Blogging:A to Z guide!!!

Hi,everyone. Few months before I came to know about a trending term nowadays that’s “Event Blogging”.

And blogger  is earn a big $$$ with this.I know u may now think that what this event blogging is and how a blogger earing a good sum of money through this.

So what r u thinking buddy  ???? am here to share A to Z about event blogging and how bloggers make a good sum of money from them by working a bit hard for nearly one month.

So sit where u like ,take a deep breath and gave a kick start to your first event blog.

Event Blogging A to Z guide

1What is Event Blogging?

Event Blogging means blogging on upcoming event and it will get traffic during the particular events period .And once the event is over it won’t fetch you any traffic.

For example if your event blog is based on Valentine’s day then it will get traffic approximately from February 10 to 14 and after that it won’t get any traffic but don’t get worried after this u can start writing on the next upcoming event for example u can write on Holi and so on…

This will continue for years and years and years. Event Blogging is great opportunity to make money for any blogger or person who wants to fetch money online.

2 Which are the topic which get more hits?

See before getting started with,you should select a good event to write on. For example the events which get more amount of traffic are New Year,Holi,Valentine’s Day,Durga Puja,Eid,Ipl t20,and lot more.

Now all this will depend on you.

Like u need to focus on your content and remember not to use copied material. Because Google will easily understand that.

U should also focus on researching keyword,link building and indexing by different search engine.

And if u can keep all this in mind and start the u can earn a good some of $$$.

So if you r a new blogger and want to make some money foe investing on ur blog the this is the most successful way.

Today here I will share everything i know about Event Blogging and the technique that how can u make ur site rank on the first page of Google and make a good some of money from it.


1 Plan before u get started:-

See just frankly speaking that reading this article and starting without any plan and a proper schedule wont fetch u anything rather it will suck ur time.

So if u want it to shine the u should have proper plan and work on schedule and beside that keep a look on less competitive keyword.

And if u wanna search for keyword I would suggest u one and only Google keyword planner.

This is the best tool till date.
For example if I want to work on suppose Valentine event then I need to find best keyword which are based on the niche.

And after all this u can jump to the next step.

2 Create a Blog from Blogger or WordPress:-

See,as your blog will be for 10-15days so go for because its free and dint have any hidden fee but if u choose WordPress it would be a bad idea because investing too much of money for Event blogging is useless.

And also if u use blogger then u don’t need to think of ur blog getting hacked or anything like that because Google take care of ur blog and u enjoy huge traffic.

So if u want ti do event blogging then i would suggest u to use Blogger instead of WordPress.

3 Now buy a domain:-

See ur blogspot blog will have address like but people find it very big to type…

So if u buy an domain then this .blogspot will be removed. I will suggest u to buy a related keyword domain because it will help ur blog to rank better.

For example if write about Valentine’s day then u should buy domain like & many more.

4 What after this!!!

After setting up ur blog u need to write some  unique & quality content. For example if u r targeting Valentine’s day then write on Valentine’s day SMS,quotes,poems,images and lot more like this.

And u should write each article separately and please don’t copy because Google is smarter than u in all this. It will understand if any similar content is there.

5 Keyword research:-

Keyword research is the most important thing for any blog because if u have good and unique content then u can rank on the heart of every search engine…

I mean on the first page of every search engine. So do proper keyword research because without it may be ur post is awesome but then also it will be a waste.

So search some quality keyword with high searches. As i already told I will suggest you Google keyword planner.

6 Link building method:-

Link building is equally important as keyword research because without link building u can’t rank good on search engine.Link building is the best process to rank ur blog on some days.

For this u need quality Backlinks for event blogger

7 How to make money with ur event blog:-

Aww…the main thing for which u were eagerly waiting is how to make money from event blog. So now am going to reveal the most interesting part off all this.

See after u have good quality and unique  stuff on ur blog then u can apply foe Adsense and as Adsense is the biggest ads platform from which you can earn huge some of money if u have sufficient traffic.

Sometime due to some strict rules and policies of Google Adsense they don’t approve u but don’t worry you can search for Google Adsense alternatives.

You can also use Amazon and Flipkart  for affiliate marketing as they give huge sum of commission.

8 Hard work,passion and not giving up attitude:-
Like every other job blogging is also a job for u. Do be hopeless rather work hard and it will fetch u true result ???? .

And for event blogging u need to focus on keywords, link building as i mentioned earlier.

Do get frustrated. Try ur best a keep blogging

Hope u loved this article and am clear enough to u. And i hope after reading this article u would also start event blogging.
So what are u waiting for go ahead,be fearless and start ur blog.

So if you liked this article then please share it to make it socialize and leave a comment if u have anything to tell. U can join me on my Facebook page and LinkedIn.

So wish u best of luck for this event blogging and hope u will also make $$$ from it. Thank you. Keep blogging.

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