Feedburner Email Subscribe to MailChimp Login – Why I switched it!

Feedburner Email Subscribe to MailChimp: Why I switched is about best email marketing services. I’ve been reading articles for years, from various internet marketing gurus. About the importance of email list building. The consistent message, I have always heard was: “The money is in the list“. On my first blog, while I had a feedburner email subscribe mailing list, I didn’t use it effectively.  I only used the blog email list, to deliver my latest posts via email to subscribers.  When I started this blog, one of my goals was to more effectively use my email list, and provide my subscribers with unique value and content just for them.

Feedburner Email Subscribe Alternatives

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Three years later, I still haven’t done that, but that will change very soon.  Preparing for feedburner email subscribe change, I elected to move off of Feedburner Email Subscribe to MailChimp Login.  I’ll explain why below, but if you’re using Feedburner Email Subscribe Foam, migrating to another service is something you should be doing as well.

Feedburner Email Subscribe Newsletter:

Given I was a “noob” to email list building, I started off using the same email newsletter service, I used on my first blog, Feedburner Email Subscribe form. Calling Feedburner email subscription service is probably a bit of a stretch, but it does get the basics done.

I even recommended Feedburner as a good starting point for list building in my Start a Money Making Blog series. The great thing about the feedburner email subscribe service is that it’s simple to set-up and easy to manage. Feedburner Email Subscribe newsletter is perfect, for someone starting out and learning.  As your list grows and you learn more about, how to effectively use your email list, the limitations of Feedburner become apparent.

Feedburner Email Services:

The turning point for me was wanting to be able to send out a monthly email newsletter, that would summarize my articles for the month and include exclusive email only content.  I also wanted to be able to immediately share special offers with my email subscribers as they became available. Feedburner Email Subscribe, while great for automatically emailing your latest updates from your RSS feed, was not a good fit for doing anything beyond that.

The other big concern I have with feedburner email subscription is it’s future.  There is a great deal of concern across the web, on whether or not Google will continue supporting Feedburner.  Google had a significant Feedburner outage a few months back and it took them days to get it resolved.

Additionally, the Feedburner interface hasn’t been touched in a long time.  These are all signs that Google isn’t giving it much attention to feedburner email subscription, and most likely won’t. So, I decided I didn’t want to risk it.  Given my additional needs and the questionable future of Feedburner, I started looking at other options. Fortunately, I discovered two much better email newsletter options very quickly and migrated to one of them.

Detail About Email Subscription Services:

Within minutes of searching and reading a few articles, you’ll begin to see one name mentioned above most others, AWeber is an outstanding email and list building service, and AWeber has established themselves as the premiere provider. I spent a great deal of time reading over their email services, and even signed up for their special “1 month for a $1 offer” (affiliate link) to try it out.

AWeber was great.  They offer outstanding quality of service, and more options than I could probably ever learn. But, I didn’t go with AWeber.  Why?  Well, as I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m a bit frugal. I don’t earn a great deal of income from this blog yet and until I do, I don’t like spending money (confession – even when I do make lots of money, I don’t like spending it).  AWeber is a great email subscription service, but it costs $19/month or $228/year.

AWeber absolutely seemed well worth it, if you have the money, I don’t right now. I continued my search.  Another Email list building service, that I consistently saw being mentioned and talked about was MailChimp.  The great thing about MailChimp (other than their completely epic site design) is that for email lists under 2000 subscribers, and if you send less than 12,000 emails per months, their service is free. The word free has this unique ability to completely capture my attention, and thus I signed up for Mailchimp login to try it out.

MailChimp Email Service:


Saying I was impressed would be an understatement. Mailchimp templates is incredibly easy to use and their site design is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen. They also slip in some pretty funny jokes and puns throughout the user interface, which is hilarious and fun. Using their “wizards” I quickly created a few new email marketing campaigns, lists and played around with their email designer and available mailchimp login templates.

They have lots of prebuilt mailchimp templates and customizing them, or even creating your own email template from scratch is really pretty simple. They also many pre-built sign-up forms as well that can be easily placed on your blog. When you sign-up, they also send you an email series that walks you right through the process of getting started with MailChimp and using their service.  I found these really helpful.

MailChimp review seemed to have all the basics that I needed.  I figured there was really nothing for me to lose. MailChimp was certainly better and far more flexible than Feedburner email subscribe. I signed up for MailChimp, and for those of you that subscribe via email, you probably noticed the format change in December. Heh, you also might have noticed a few glitches I had as well….but we won’t dwell on those ;-)

Shameless promotion time – If you aren’t currently an email, subscriber – I’d encourage you to sign up!  Again, I’ll be offering some exclusive content. You can sign-up easily just under my picture in the upper right.  Yes, the homely looking picture…

MailChimp Review & Pricing:

  • Free for less than 2,000 subscribers and if you send less than 12,000 emails a month.
  • The form and email designers in MailChimp is better and provides more flexibility
  • Live chat or Email support only
  • Really nice and well designed user interface.

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So, friends this is all about Feedburner Email Subscribe to MailChimp and its benefits with pro and cons. I hope you enjoy the article. 😉

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