Free AdGuard DNS Alternatives

AdGuard is one of the most popular DNS resolvers with defender and privacy modules that can give additional protection to user behavior on the internet. You can prefer switching your default DNS on your device (mobile, tablet, or computer) to AdGuard DNS and it will block the ads on your device.

The best part about using AdGuard DNS is that it works on all devices, and does not hamper your web browsing experience at all. This means there won’t be any ads while using apps and browsers, but the interface of the websites won’t be changed at all.

But are there any other DNS services that provide the same features as AdGuard DNS does? In this article, we will be listing the 10 best AdGuard DNS alternatives that you can use on your device.

10 Best AdGuard DNS Alternatives in 2024

Searching for the best AdGuard DNS alternatives? Given below is list of DNS services that offer same features as AdGuard-

1. Cloudflare DNS

The public DNS resolver hosted by Cloudflare goes as and is noted as the fastest DNS service in the world. As someone with heavy security and data support requirements, you will surely love the free AdGuard DNS server alternative that covers almost all areas.

Cloudflare DNS is privacy first – it has been developed by small corporations and enterprises with advanced security in the form of built-in DDoS mitigation and one-click DNSSEC setup. It prides itself on providing optimal redundancy to all corners of the world.

2. Google Public DNS

When something is hosted by Google, you know it is bound to be good. Google Public DNS acts as an alternative to your ISP. This is great for first-time developers who want free DNS instead of HTTP or TLS support.

The DNA service by Google provides end-to-end lookups and supports encrypted transport protocols. However, setting up the Google DNS configuration can be a little difficult for beginners, and seeking professional help is recommended.

3. ClouDNS

One of the best AdGuard DNS iOS alternatives, the benefits of ClouDNS are endless. Its free plan comes with 4 DNS servers across three zones along with native IPv6 support and several customizable categories (including features designed especially for parents with growing children at home).

ClouDNS is also a new and improved way to block viruses and malware by cutting off their roots. It comes with a beautiful dashboard that lists monitoring records, SSL certificates, etc. ClouDNS also offers round-robin and limitless records.

4. Alternate DNS

This DNS service can match up with the AdGuard DNS test in terms of redundancy and resiliency. It is best used as a second DNS resolver as multiple servers can rapidly increase the security and consistency of work in any situation.

The two popular DNS platforms from Alternate DNS are and For those who want a lightweight solution to block ads and inappropriate adult content on family routers, this solution can be perfect.

5. OpenNIC

OpenNIC is another great alternative to AdGuard DNS. The project was developed initially to help users exert complete control over their DNS servers and protect their online behavior from any ISP tracking i.e. DNS hijacking.

Additionally, Open NIC provides many features to users including cryptographic signatures and more than 50 other customizable categories. OpenNIC promises 100% uptime for websites, no off-limit platforms on your server as well as a minimization of DNS outages that have grown so frequent on regular ISP servers today.

6. Comodo Secure DNS

This DNS is Pro at blocking videos, ads, and pop-up notifications thus minimizing the chances of catching malware. It scrutinizes all URLs to let only genuine sources pass, laying great emphasis on threat intelligence and endpoint protection.

The advanced technology can also tweak website layouts to reduce the dosage taken up by ads. Comodo DNS is hugely beneficial for professional productivity and every student should have it. It also works equally well for mobile apps on Android OS.

7. Quad9

This popular AdGuard DNS Alternative is a free way to replace your existing ISP to use one that puts your anonymity and security first. It is known for its super-fast response and listing of potential threats so that users can not only prevent but also recognize malware and phishing attempts.

Quad9 was developed by a not-for-profit foundation in Switzerland and follows the Swiss Privacy Law and GDPR. It is one of the most effective DNS resolvers for preventing viruses and identity theft. It is also great at removing ‘false positive’ domains and encrypting data. Filtered domains are directed to Quad9 by manual, independent threat intelligence analysts.

8. Control D

As the name itself suggests, this free DNS alternative lets the user set policies and protocols that monitor automatic DNS requests and create suitable responses for them. Control D is often chosen by users to implement some quick DNS filtering and monitor traffic redirection using its trustable platform.

Control D allows users to customize proxy capabilities, block ads, block inappropriate dangerous websites, and increase internet speed on all devices. On top of all that, Control D can be used without installation, and therefore used to spoof our location from hackers and trackers!

9. Cleanbrowsing DNS

This server provides free DNS solutions to parents. You can use it to successfully protect your child’s virtual experience on two fronts – one, you get to block all adult content and obscene ads, and two, you get to protect the anonymous identity of your child as they learn to develop internet etiquette.

Cleanbrowsing is one of the best AdGuard DNS Android alternatives because it can track and block content on so-called ‘non-adult’ websites and social media. However, it does not provide protection features for organizations.

10. NextDNS

On NextDNS, up to 300k queries are free monthly, making it a top free AdGuard DNS Android alternative, especially among users with minimalist but consistent needs. Being a freemium DNS, NextDNS offers some features that other free DNS providers don’t.

It tracks security threats in real time and checks for crackers on websites and apps. It can be used anonymously without a signup. NextDNS comes with a privacy mode that creates an anonymous IP address and deletes all data collected from the user after a certain period has passed.wd


The AdGuard DNS Alternatives listed above can provide adblock, encryption, and website following services that can easily be compared with premium services of the same nature. When choosing an alternative, one should keep in mind the compatibility, number of server support, level of security features available, etc.

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