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Over the past few years, SEO has drastically transformed. But one thing that has not changed is the power of quality and natural backlinks. Whether you have just built your new website or have one for quite a while, link building is essential for your online presence. Generating backlink for your website can significantly improve search engine optimisation, but it is necessary to keep up with the strategy continuously.

Running an online store is comparatively cheaper than a traditional physical store that demands capital and huge investment. However, one cannot ignore the fact that an online website can also be costly as it requires plenty of expensive SEO strategies. While there are SEO tools and services available in the market that demands money, why not save a bit of cash and stay within budget? How about using a free backlink generator tool for your site instead of investing in premium tools that would give almost the same result as the free ones.

Why Is Link Building Important?

First, it is essential to understand why link building is crucial for any business. A link comprises four parts, link tag, then the link referral location, anchor text, and closure of the link tag.

Links are used by search engines when they crawl for new websites. Showing up during a crawl would bring your site up in the search results.

Benefits of link building to a website

When your website ranks higher on search engines through link building, you are automatically attracting organic traffic. While searching, we tend to visit the sites that pop up on the first page of our result. No one cares about what’s on the next page’s results. So, this is what a link building can do for your website.

Your webpage also receives traffic from websites that have used your site as an external link on their blogs. If these websites are high quality and high ranking, then this would positively impact your own web page’s ranking. You are likely to get indexed quicker if you have built links using the right strategy. Hence, it is vital to use quality backlink generator tools for your website.

Why Use a Free Backlink Generator Tool?

You already know the value link building can bring to your website. However, you may not know how to build links effectively. You may request other domains to create links of your website on their page, but this task would prove daunting. This can take up a lot of your efforts as well as your time.

Here comes the role of a backlink generator that marketers can use to create links for free. You can generate hundreds of quality backlinks using these tools. Since backlinks are the backbone of a website, a backlink maker will take care of this job with ease.

Top Backlink Generator Tools

By now, we know how relevant backlinks can be for an online business. Now let’s introduce the top backlink generator tools that you can use for free.

Search Engine Reports offers a fantastic tool designed for creating quality links to your website. This is a web page tool and does not require the need to install any software. All you have to do is visit their site, and you will find a text box where you can post your website’s URL. Once you have entered your domain address, hit the button “Make backlinks” and in less than a minute, search engine reports will create high-quality links and will display the results. This is how smooth and straightforward the process is when you use to boost your website’s visibility.


This tool is popular amongst bloggers, writers, journalists and publishers. This backlink generator tool helps to find competitor’s backlinks and builds up a link building strategy accordingly. When the tool creates a backlink, it shows the page rank as well as the social metrics of the site. However, with this website, you would get a number of both dofollow and nofollow links. So, you will have to spend a little more time finding spammy links and disavow them.

SEO Spyglass

This is another backlink generator tool that provides excellent results. It has a database of 15,000,000,000,000 indexed backlinks which is quite a lot as compared to Ahrefs. However, if you are using the free version, then it will only allow you to use 1,100 links for free. To export the complete results, you will need to upgrade to a premium version.

Backlink maker by Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a multipurpose SEO platform that will help you perform high-quality SEO auditing and monitoring of your website. This platform is great for analyzing all backlinks and generating them.

Backlink maker is one of Sitechecker’s online tools that allows you to add special SEO links to your content, automatically generating them from other websites. This tool is great for new sites, as it allows you to get your first backlinks in seconds.


OpenLinkProfiler can provide up to 200,000 links per report. With its extensive database of links, you can create instant quality backlinks. With this tool, you will also get a better idea of backlink influence, anchor page and more. The tool allows you to export 100 backlinks using a free version; however, with the premium version, you can export more.

Over to You

Now that you have an in-depth idea of the best free backlink generator tools, you can count on any one of these tools for your SEO marketing strategy. However, creating backlinks is one part of the SEO strategy, and there is a lot more to it. Marketers should not just rely on backlinking as a strategy and look for other methods as well to boost the website’s visibility.

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