Functions and features of routers for home computer networks

Routers for home computer networks: Router is the specialized networking device which is connected to two or more networks running software. Primary function of the router is that connect network together and keep specific kinds of the broadcast traffic under control. It can act as the default gateway and move data between networks.

Router is the specialized computers and it has same parts as other computers such as flash memory, central processing unit, RAM, network interface, non volatile RAM and console. It operates on network layer of OSI model by using data link layer, physical layer and network layer to offer addressing, connectivity and switching. It is highly intelligent device.

Routers for home computer networks

routers for home computer networks,

To know about features of the routers

Home router is offering useful features beyond basis connection and router is having excellent characteristics such as

  • It can support encapsulation and filtering like bridges
  • Multiport device with high speed backbones
  • Constantly monitor condition of network
  • Provide some level of the redundancy
  • USB port and gigabit Ethernet
  • Detachable antennas

Router protocol consists of the both routing and bridging protocols such as serial line protocols, router protocols and protocol stack bridging and routing protocols. Traditional home Wi-Fi router is having one radio which might be transmitted on 2.4 GHz frequency band.

On the other hand, dual band Wi-Fi route can support multiple radios and it can operate on both 5GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. This type of the router might allow you to set up two wireless networks. Ethernet is offering better network performance when compared to wireless connections. Majority of the famous broadband modem connects to the routers through Ethernet.

All kinds of the home router can support internet protocol. Newer router can support two different versions of the IP version. Network address translation is major and security features of the home router and this technology might set up addressing scheme of the home network.

NAT can track address of all devices which is connected to the router. This feature can efficiently block malicious traffic. 802.11ac is latest mainstream Wi-Fi standard which can bring longer Wi-Fi range, faster Wi-Fi speed and backward compatibility.

In order to get maximum performance, you can switch from WIFI to Ethernet. External antennas can offer extremely reliable Wi-Fi connection rather than internal antennas which means stronger signals.

routers for home computer networks,

Understand key characteristics of router

Router determines where to send information and it is the specialized computer which can send your message. The best router might come with excellent numbers of the features such as

  • Dual band
  • 11ac
  • Guest networks
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • External antennas
  • Quality of service

Router without MU-MIMO might get bottlenecked because it is having amazing capability to serve data to connected device. While choosing home router, you can concern about specific features such as usb ports, parental controls, universal plug and play, mesh network and Wi-Fi protected setup.

Router makers might advertise parental control as selling point of their products. Common features of the router parental control might include restricting times of data, blocking specific websites by name and restricting total number of hours in day which child could be online.

Router administrator can configure parental control setting via console menus. It is extremely useful in dealing with the two separate computer networks. It can join two networks and passing information from one to other. At the same time it can protect network from one another and preventing traffic on one from the unnecessarily spilling over to other.

Virtual private network technology might improve security of internet connections and it is gaining more popularity with growth of wireless networking. In a modern world most of the people are using vpn on mobile device or workplace connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots.

Everything to know about router

Port forwarding and UPnP is the standard but less understood features of the home router. General home router is having several options to control quality of service on the home network according to Router Instructions website. It allows administrator to provide selected device and application access to the network resources.

Majority of the broadband router can support QoS as the feature which could be switched on or off. Home router with the QOS might offer separate setting to wired Ethernet connections. Wi-Fi multimedia QOS can prioritize and detect video streaming on the Wi-Fi connections. As everyone knows home network might be error prone to set up.

It can offer mechanism to simply security authentication of the Wi-Fi device by using personal identification number or push button connection method. Often router manufacturer can fix bugs and add enhancement to the router operating systems.

All kinds of the modern routers incorporate firmware update feature to allow owners upgrade their router after purchase. In case you are allowing guest access then it is always good idea to change guest password on the regular basis.