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The Best Ways to Maintain your Composite Decking

Cleaning your composite decking is essential if you want to maintain its beautiful appearance. There are different ways homeowners clean their composite decking. Some use pressure washers to remove debris and dirt from their decking. At the same time, others choose to scrub their deck with soapy water.  What is the best way to clean composite decking?

Ways To Clean Composite Decking


Dirt, debris, and stains can reduce the aesthetic value of your composite decking. If you keep your composite decking clean, it will enhance your home’s appearance. Here are some ways to clean your composite decking.

Use Vinegar to Clean Composite Decking

Mould can make your composite decking look less beautiful. Apart from that, it can even make your decking slippery. One way to remove mould from your composite decking is by using vinegar. Using diluted vinegar is the best way to clean composite decking if there is mould on it.

 To do this, rinse the surface of your deck with water to remove some of the mould. Then apply the diluted vinegar on your deck surface and scrub the entire decking with a brush. The vinegar will remove the mould and mildew from your deck surface. Apart from cleaning moulds, vinegar is also effective in cleaning grease stains on composite decking. To make cleaning more effective, use vinegar and baking soda.

Scrub Decking With Brush 

Brushes are effective in removing decking stains on your deck surface. You can also clean your composite decking by using a soft bristle brush. If you notice bird droppings on your composite board, use the brush to scrub it away. First, apply water to the droppings to soften them. Then apply your deck cleaner on the decking and gently scrub with the brush till the stains are off.

The brush is an effective tool for cleaning composite decking. You can also use the brush to scrub your decking to remove any stains on it.

Use Broom to Clean Decking

Another way to clean your composite decking is by using a broom. A broom is very effective in removing dirt on your deck surface. You can also use a broom to remove dead leaves and twigs from your composite decking surface.

Rinse Your Decking

 You can also clean the surface of your composite decking by rinsing it with water. Rinsing your deck with water will remove dirt and debris from your wood-plastic decking. Using water to clean your decking is easy. You can make use of a hose to apply water to your deck surface. Ensure you remove your furniture and other items on your decking before you start rinsing it.

Use Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are great for cleaning composite decking. However, when using a pressure washer, you should use it with care. Do not use it too close to your composite decking while cleaning to prevent the fan from damaging your decking. You should also apply pressure not greater than 3100 PSI while cleaning. 

Clean Snow from Composite Decking 

The best way to clean your composite decking if there is snow is by using a plastic shovel. A shovel with a plastic edge will prevent your composite decking from scratch. Use the shovel to clear away ice or snow on your deck surface. 

Apart from shovels, you can also use rock salt or ice melt to get rid of snow. The rock salt will dissolve the ice on your deck, thereby keeping it clean. You can apply the ice melt before it starts snowing to prevent ice build-up. Likewise, you can also choose to apply it directly on the ice. Ensure you don’t use a coloured ice melt on your composite decking. You should also avoid using ice melt with grits.


The best way to clean composite decking is by using tools like a broom, bristle brush, and pressure washer. You can also make use of vinegar to remove stains from your composite board.

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