TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21 Update Review (Full Comparison)

This year, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter released a big update on its V3.1.19 version, witnessed a great improvement on conversion performance, increasing the speed to 30 times faster with even higher success rate than ever before. Tightly followed with 2 upcoming enhancement versions, the software also enhanced the stability of the new algorithm. The latest TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21 can run stably to ensure the fastest performance to download Spotify music than ever before.

Today’s review will go through a detailed comparison on both the old and new versions of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter with you, clearly showing you all beneficial features after the enhancement. Check them now!

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19 New Update

Overall, the brand-new TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19 has brought 4 essential updates leading you a more efficient as well as lossless downloading process, and also brings an automatic path to help manage downloaded music files without hassle:

#1. Updated Algorithm Brings 35X Faster Speed

The most significant change in TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19 should be its employment of a new algorithm, performing at much faster speed to process music conversion in batches. It greatly improves the conversion speed from the original 5X to 35X, taking only a few seconds to download Spotify playlists efficienctly.

This updated algorithm also ensures better stability, with 2 further updated versions to reduce the conflicts generated to cause conversion failures. Many unexpected errors are solved to deliver you stabler performance at the highest Spotify music conversion rate.

#2. Add Support to Video Podcasts

Despite Spotify singles, albums, playlists, and audio podcasts, this new version also adds support towards video podcasts, enabling users to grasp video resources from Spotify and extract the audio tracks to mainstream formats for streaming offline. It can save your mobile data in streaming video podcasts online, or enables the playback to be smoother.

#3. Lossless AIFF and ALAC Formats Supported

In TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19, the software also brings two new audio formats to output Spotify audio downloads in better output quality. More than MP3, AIFF and ALAC are two uncompressed audio encoders, performing with great capacity to encode audio resources without compressing the quality at all. With them, Spotify’s lossless condition can be well maintained to deliver you the best music streaming experience offline.

#4. Efficient Music Management

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19 also makes full use of the detected ID3 tags, adding the file names editing feature to let you define the regulations of the music names to ensure more convenient music management offline. In addition, the output tracks archiving feature can boost the music managing efficiency by automatically sorting the downloads to folders by your selected tags. For example, simply by regulating the archive rule as “Playlist”, TuneFab Spotify Music Converter will put the downloaded songs of the same playlist in one new folder for you by default.

More New Features on TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19

Additionally, there are also some small new features added on TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19 to bring you better experience in using the software, including:

  • Well-enhanced in-app streaming ability to play Spotify music and video podcasts smoothly;
  • Boost better controls on music converting process, with the pausing ability added to stop the conversion at anytime;
  • Cache clearing ability is equipped to ensure a stable performance in running the software functions with less errors occured.

Better Enhancement to Higher Stability in TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21

Since the release of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.19, TuneFab didn’t stop its path, but kept going on to enhance the stability of the newly applied algorithm to improve the conversion success rate. According to our tests, its latest TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21 can provide even much stabler performance to grasp and download Spotify music, even delivers a smooth experience in streaming Spotify resources within the web player. We have tried to download over 100 Spotify songs, and none of them fail the conversion!

Comparison Between TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21 and Old Versions

To draw a simple conclusion, here lists all differences between TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21 and the former versions to help you better understand:

V3.1.21Old versions
Conversion speed35X5X
Video podcastsYN
Music sortingYN
File names editingYN
Cache cleanupYN
Conversion controlsPausing feature addedUnavailable to stop the conversion once started
Web player functionsPlayback ability added to converted audio filesUnavailable to play converted files in the software directly

Why Trust TuneFab?

TuneFab will always ensure the best music conversion experience to help you free your digital life and enjoy music more conveniently. Every new update, TuneFab will strive to maintain stable performance, efficient speed, great quality, and high success rate to output music for you. Its leading music web player integration technique is a priority breakthrough in this industry, boosting the music download efficiency to a higher state.

TuneFab is also equipped with a team of professional customer support staff to standby and help you resolve any problem while using the services. Its optional subscription plans give you a flexible selection on managing the service in requirements flexibly.

Final Verdict

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21 is released with stabler performance and more efficient speed to deliver you an advanced experience in download Spotify music. Surely, it’s been the top software in this field and deserves the most trust. Now, you can try TuneFab Spotify Music Converter V3.1.21 without paying a penny in the trial period.

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