Some Mistakes and Update on Backlink creation strategy

I am back with the update on niche site. You might be wondering that what else mistakes I did while ranking the site as Already I mentioned some mistakes in the previous updates! Here is one more mistake that I think it is mistake but actually we can’t say it is mistake.

Confused? I think so, Let me explain you clearly. I decided to purchase the exact match domain for my niche site thinking that it will help me to rank higher and it is very helpful too but Exact match domain will stop you to make backlinks for your site so that you can rank on the keyword you have targeted.

In recent update, I mentioned that I will make backlinks using web2.0. Yes, I did that and made some web2.0 sites with some great and Genuine content containing 2 thousand words on each blog.

My experience with blogger blog was great as I was having much knowledge about it as well as the blogger blog got indexed very fast but my experience with blog was worse.

I think you need to submit Sitemap to google to get wordpress blog indexed because without submitting it for even 15-20 days, it is not indexed. I also created the blog with and going to make with weebly and wix too. But they are like sites and boring at a same time.

Instead of making lots of web2.0 sites, I decided to guest post on good Authority blogs having good DA and PR. Google said that PR is dead but I don’t believe that PR is dead. So, here is the complete update on my backlinking strategy.

Updated Backlinking Strategy!

1. Guest Posting

I know you are thinking that I am explaining all the things like noob but do you know how I got the blogs on which I can actually guest post in couple of minutes? Yeah, Many high PR and High Authority blogs in couple of minutes.

Actually, I used Footprint in google to get the blogs in my niche on which I can guest post. Here is the footprint…

inurl:”write-for-us” your_niche

Replace your_niche with the niche on which you are working and you will get hundreds of blogs on which you can guest post. Next, I found the contact form on their site and started sending mails about asking them for permission to guest post on their blog.

When I was mailing to the site owners, Some of them told me that they will not allow me to guest post on their blogs just because the domain was exact match. That’s why, if you want to guest post to make backlinks, Exact match domain is not good.

I found some PR2, PR3 and PR4 blogs that allow guest posting on same niche. So, I just sent them mail and some of them replied positively. I have submitted 3-4 Guest post on PR2 and PR3 sites till now and currently I have 10 more blogs open on which I can guest post to get backlinks.

TIP : Never ever guest post for backlink purpose only, they love their blogs and they want to give their visitors a great user experience, So, at least post 2-3 guest posts with 1 link pointing to your site and write for their users, not to get backlinks only.

The blogs I found for guest posting are really good blogs. Not only this technique but When I posted on my facebook wall that I want some good blogs to guest post on, I got some really good blogs having good DA and some having PR too.

So, Now I am more focused on making backlinks by guest posting rather than making backlinks from web2.0 and yes, I am going to continue stealing backlinks from my competitors using

Now, It’s time to see the Ranking timeline of the niche site. Currently, It has only 1 backlink according to google which is from directory on which I submitted the site when I created.

  • 20/11/2018 – #106th position
  • 22/11/2018 – #74th position
  • 26/11/2018 – #67th position
  • 03/12/2018 – #51th Position
  • 22/12/2018 – #53th position

Yeah, it is not improved but I am happy because it is stable and yeah, Homepage is ranking instead of the articles which was the problem I faced recently. Currently, I started working on the site again soon it is going to be one the top position. Let us see what happens,

Every one will have different ideas on Link Building. So Do Share your views on Backlink building Techniques.

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